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4 months ago


We are not same:

We all are different and runs through the different races of the life because to survive for it we must have to follow it's rules. Life gives you task and according to your age, experience, wealth, health its demand to you "changed".

To accept the changes is different type of challange. It's may be sudden or any previous long lasting. Everyone is not able to see a sudden change and understand all the traumatic impression which makes him so weak and sucks all the energy in a moment. Some people maintain themselves according to the situations at the time but the pressure leaves its mark on the faces and memories which becomes lessons for the next one. Many of us are those which have happy endings but not compulsory that they have very pleasant start. They push up many burdens with very courage and enters a garden which is blooming.

Ahh, and many of us they saw themselves to move from easy to hard part of life and autumn season comes to there garden not by their will but forcefully life enters this chapter and new challenge to thier life.

Life act like coin:

Life gives you two sides.

Choose carefully dears:')

Mental tricks:

A very difficult stage of life is when it gives you two path of same benefits but not have same results. Like a path which is very attractive but at the end not much fruitful at the same time another one which is beautiful but not like first one and have fruitful endings. Many of us choose first one which attract them and then at the end makes excuses like life hunted them. We can say it but where your senses at that time?

Some time hope for more and more left you empty handed. Make your decisions powerful and play with life achieve goals. Lost the game is not bad but not try to play and try to win is your big mistake.

"Life is a game try to play fair then the charming results makes you star which is not for everyone to touch but want to reach or talk ".

At the end I just said these type of discussions are not ended. As Allah will I posted more articles on these types of self thought to you and I encourage anyone who is capable of critical thinking and then have a ability to give word to their thoughts because its not easy.

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Written by   1
4 months ago
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