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The highest mountain in the Philippines

The Mt.Apo has been

provinces of Davao del Sur and North

Cotabato, and has a sea of ​​32 kilometers west of Davao city.

It has a height 2,954 meter(9690 ,feet).

Although it is also a volcano, it is not

it was fired.

Mt. Apo is flat on the surface, which is

there are three peaks.

In part south, below the crater there is

groove or vent vented by steam and sulfur.

It's also called Sandawa (mt.sulfur)

People living on foot there are six native

clan that represents the Mt.grandson as a sacred land.

The Wild, Wild, Down, Up,

Load, and Tenant. In place

they worshiped Apo Sandawa

whom they recognize as great

paternal grandfather or grandchild and descent of the mountain name.

meter extent serves as a large lake,

The Venado Lake which is a source of energy heothermal.

The Mindanao Geothermal Production the village IIomavis in the city

Kidapawan, North Cotabato, the power source used in Kidapawan and those neighboring province.

In 1936,Mt Apo National park with 80,864 hectares around the mountain to preserve many common animals and plant found here.

You can find here the biggest ones as well

eagle in the world-oran or Philippine

Eagle, the national bird of Filipinas.

There are 270 types of bird living in the forest.

mountains and 100 of them are exclusive

only in the country. Because here in the mt. Of Fire on UNESCO world Heritage site.

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All mountains like Mount Apo give so much tranquility, solidity, beauty, the peoples of the world should do the same.

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