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Keeping clean the property of a woman

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Despite what the ads say, your genitals should not smell like "fresh flowers." Caring for your penis is very simple, and does not require expensive products - but should your vagina be washed? No, but your vulva needs to be washed.

Vagina (vulva) and bulba (vulva)

So what is the difference? The vagina is the inner canal inside your body. Bubla refers to the genitals of a woman outside the vagina, such as:


Clitoral hood

The inner and outer labia

It is good to wash these parts, but you do not have to worry about your vagina; it can take care of itself.

Natural environment of the vagina

The vagina produces its own good bacteria and natural mucus that helps keep oneself clean. Using soap to wash your vagina can prevent it from performing its own cleaning functions and destroying its natural balance. If you want to keep the door healthy, let it do its own work.

Washing your bulb

Society and culture always make us think that the vagina is dirty, but it does not really require intense scrubbing or harsh products to clean it. How exactly should the bulb be cleaned?

Use lukewarm water and mild soap. Warm water is enough to clean your bulb; but if you are more comfortable using soap, use a mild and unmixed scent. The water should not be too hot and the soap should be rinsed thoroughly.

Be gentle. Gently open the labia with your fingers, and just let the warm, bubbly water flow around the clitoral hood and between the labia - no need to rub! The skin is sensitive and does not need a washcloth or loofah. Also, make sure that the soap does not enter the vagina. It is also good to wash the anus and the area between the anus and the bulb. If you do this, remember to wash from front to back to prevent anus bacteria from entering the vagina and urethra.

Touch to dry. After you have thoroughly washed your bulb, dab it with a soft towel to dry it.

Wear clean and made of cotton panty. After bathing or washing your bulb, make sure the panty you are wearing is clean and washed. Cotton panties are the best because this type of material "breathes" your genitals.

Change your napkin or tampon regularly if you are menstruating. You can also wash your bulb more than once a day if you want to stay fresh or you are worried about smelling.

What to Avoid

Douching. Douching is the flow of water into the vagina so that it is "clean" and the natural mucus is removed. It disrupts the natural environment of the vagina and the bacteria that protect it, making it difficult to clean itself. It is better to leave the cleaning of the vagina - it knows what to do.

Feminine sprays and washes. Products such as feminine spray and wash usually contain perfumes and chemicals that can cause irritation or irritation to the sensitive skin of your vagina. If you are worried about the smell, wash your bulb regularly with lukewarm water, or use a mild, non-scented soap.

Vaginal steaming. Vaginal steaming is the boiling of herbs in hot water and sitting on the surface of the water to allow steam to flow through the bladder. There are those who say that it helps with abdominal pain, gastritis, and other conditions, but there are no studies that prove that vaginal steaming helps improve vaginal health. Hot steam can burn sensitive vaginal tissues and interfere with the natural environment, so vaginal steaming is not recommended.

Tight clothes. Tight clothing can prevent natural ventilation, and can make your genitals itchy, warm, and humid - in this environment bacteria usually grow. Avoid wearing tight, damp clothing for long periods of time to keep your genitals fresh.

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Written by   65
1 year ago
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the picture will attract you more hehehe. keeping ourselves clean is a must not just for women. a man should be clean too.

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