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I thought she was gone (Sad love story)

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1 year ago

I thought she was gone (Sad Love Story)

"She's gone!"

The nurse at the information counter of Santisima De Dios Hospital responded when Ralph asked where the patient Donna was confined in Room 214.

Donna has been Ralph's girlfriend for 8 years and the two of them have agreed to get married next year. The bridesmaid is full of lofty dreams. Even though they had been together for two years, they planned well for the family, in fact they endured and prevented Donna from getting pregnant for fear of fulfilling their good plans and dreams.

But now that Donna is gone, how will her tomorrow come?

Who with him developed the dream that in the time of completion is like a jigsaw puzzle with small pieces?

How could he wake up in the morning without the only reason for his rise?

Who is with him every night counting the stars in the sky?

How can he build a home if the pillar on which he lives is defiled by destiny?

Ralph rubbed his forehead as if it would fall along with his tears that suddenly dripped when he heard that Donna was gone. He leaned against the wall and sat down helplessly and wept in great anger and sadness. Why is it that with the increasing number of days, the battery of his cellphone still loses power today. Donna's siblings probably called her when she was dying, she could have even talked to him at the last minute. Perhaps Donna's mother was angry with her for thinking that she was letting her breath out while her name was being searched for and called.

"But why didn't they wait for me?" Ralph asked himself. "Why do they have to get Donna out of the hospital right away without letting me know?"

Ralph was confused. Mixed emotions prevail in his heart.

How happy he was this morning, it was replaced by despair.

I hope he never enters the office again.

That's why he was hesitant that morning, that's why someone seemed to be whispering in his mind that he was going straight to the hospital. If he only knew that their marriage would end in nothing and tears would be the equivalent of all his efforts he would not have regretted whatever he earned and he spent it all and used it to make his partner happy.

What else is his savings for?

Who will he provide for it?

Ralph knew that loneliness would reign in their house that the two of them had just laughed over.

His will be a calvary every day. His night will be dark as well as the morning to come.

It was a long time before the dream collapsed. It will be a long time before he recovers from the prostration.

He did not know when his fiery smile would shine again. He did not know when his tear-stained eyes would see the light again.

SHe was just released from the hospital last night. They were still talking happily with Donna and they almost never became the subject of her illness because the platelets of the bride finally went down, a sign that the dengue has been gone for four days, making it difficult for her partner. They discussed the details of their wedding next year and plans for pregnancy that same year, Donna's imminent promotion to work as manager of the Logistics Department at the company she works for and Ralph's plans to visit Dubai in case something good comes opportunity.

So Ralph could not have imagined that in the blink of an eye Donna was gone!

His life is gone, his tomorrow is gone.

Many dengue cases have led to the unexpected and led to sudden death even if it is said that the victim's condition has improved. The patient was presumed to have recovered but despite the waiting nurses and doctors, the availability of medical equipment of the hospital still did not save the life of the dengue victim.

"Sir, sir ..." the nurse patted Ralph with his head down, he fell to the floor and leaned against the wall. Eyes wide open, hiccup hiccups obviously coming from a crying. He heard the nurse but did not care what it said, he slightly raised his head.

"Sir, I mean 'she's gone' she has been discharged, Ma'm Donna. SHe said she wants to go home because she wants to celebrate your anniversary. Here is the waiver which she signed earlier. " long explanation of the nurse.

Ralph was dumbfounded by what he heard from the nurse.

He did not know what his reaction would be.

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Written by   65
1 year ago
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Sad story but article is nice, keep going

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thank you

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