History of mt.Arayat

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mountain arayat

A single mountain in the plains

Central Luzon and located in

Pampanga province.

The western part of it is

suburb of Arayat town

but the northern part is gone

town of Magalang. Nothing

it was supposed to explode and now

is now a dead volcano

has a height of 1,030 meters. Surrounded

the mountain of the vast farmland

of sugarcane and rice. On top of that is

a circular crater is visible of volcanoes with over two miles of room.It has

two peaks, the North Peak

and the Pinnacle Peak. In the west

its top will be reflected

beautiful view of the Middle

Central, especially the Pampanga llog

And the highlands of Zambales

and Bataan step by step

east of it overlooks the

range of the Sierra mountains

Madre. There are three to four

it will take time to get there

at the very top of the mountain.

In 1933, Mt. Arayat National Park

including natural lakes,sights,and

passage up to the Arayat.

It has 3,715 acres covered by land

designated for eco-tourism in order to

protect the natural place arrangement.

It is believed to be a

mysterious mountains and legendary

home of the young Mariang

He was charged with protecting

in all kinds of plants and animals

of the mountains. There is a story-

the town where he was the sister of Mariang

Mount Tilt Mount Tilt

Laguna and Mariang Banahaw at

Quezon Mountain Mount. Like

of the two, he is a poet of poetry

and song. There is a Rizalist clique

converging at the foot of the mountain

every December and worship with

Beloved Virgin Mother, no believed to be female Rizal 's reincarnation.

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