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Fell in love(sad story)

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1 year ago

Alex is a college student who fell in love with a woman named Ederlyn De Vivarre. He did not expect them to be together in the same class, so unexpectedly, they became close to each other.

Alex fell in love with Ederlyn even more.

The second semester was coming to an end. So Alex can't help but find a way to tell Ederlyn how he feels. He wrote a letter and pinned it to the book on Ederlyn's desk during the students' break time.

When he got home, Alex was restless because he was worried about what would happen after Ederlyn read the letter. The next day, Ederlyn ignores or even talks to him. This is what happened two days after he handed over the letter. With so much sadness that Alex's world seemed to collapse, he could not stop approaching and talking to Ederlyn. But before he could speak, Ederlyn handed him a small piece of paper and left without even hearing a word from it. When he opened the paper, it turned out to be an invitation to a banquet to be held at Ederlyn's house.

The next day he went to the feast. Ederlyn's place is far away and remote. When he got there, he was immediately met by a carriage. Ederlyn was in this vehicle. Ederlyn extends her hand to Alex to get in the carriage.

When they arrived at a large garden, Alex noticed that he seemed to be the only one who was different from them all because all the people there were blue bloods. The color of their hair is gold. They are all white and look rich.

He did not feel that he was different from them because the people there were kind and kind to him. Even if he just glanced at Ederlyn, that night he could be considered the happiest because he was with and met Ederlyn's family.

But, all of a sudden it disappeared and the people around even Ederlyn seemed to disappear like bubbles. He woke up in a room that seemed familiar to his eyes. He saw his mother happy and grateful because her son had woken up.

After waking up to the truth, his mother recounted everything that had happened to him in a week.

His mother said that he had not been on his own for a week. He did not know even one of his relatives and he was always stunned. It allegedly started after he was found by a man lying in the middle of the road in an unknown place.

He said he just woke up when a child who was not from there handed a small piece of paper to his mother. The mother handed the letter to Alex. He opened it and wrote the words…

We also know how to love.

- Ederlyn

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Written by   65
1 year ago
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