Unbelievable Movie

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IMDB rating: 7.8

Personal rating: 11/10

Psychological Thriller / Crime

Hindi dab

We watch a lot of movies. Different people like different types of movies. But there are many fans of one category of movie, it is a thriller, especially a psychological thriller. One such psychological thriller movie is Ratsasan. Before release

Even after watching the trailer, people did not understand how one was coming. There are some movies that are made with the ability to directly compete with Hollywood. Ratsasan movie in Indian cinema industry

One of the best thriller movies. People who watch Ratsasan start looking for more thriller movies like this but movies like Ratsasan don't seem to be made at all. However, Ramkumar is working on the 2nd installment.

The cool BGM, the story, the thrill all seem to be fully loaded. The movie made on a low budget was released in only a small number of cinemas. Ratsasan has proved that there is no shortage of viewers if the making of the movie is good.

If there's anything awesome about it, it's that

Ratsasan 6. Incomparable

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Wow... Great movie

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