The Revenant

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2 years ago

Leonardo DiCaprio. Just his name is enough to watch this guy's movie. I never get tired of seeing him. As long as he is on screen, every viewer is bound to be fascinated by his performance. Even a thousand lines cannot be said to be the quality of his performance.

Dear actor, I have finished watching 19 movies so far. His challenging character in every movie. However, the first Oscar of his career came in 2015 for the movie The Revenant. In this movie, another talented and favorite actor has acted with Tom Hardy. He also played a great role in the negative character. He also has a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category at the Academy Awards.

🎬 The Revenant | 2015 |

Genre: Adventure

IMDb: 8

Violence, deception, revenge, desperate attempts to survive are all in the movie.

Spoiler Alert

Let's give a little idea of ​​the story -

A group went to the forest to kill the animals and sell the skins. However, the Hugh Glass (Dicaprio) group is attacked by the aborigines. Incidentally, a bear attacked Hugh Glass. After being badly injured, FitzGerald (Tom Hardy) agrees to carry him. But, for some reason, he left Hugh Glass injured on the way.

What is the reason? And who will take revenge, why, on whom?

Not to mention the cinematography of this movie! The cinematography was stupendous. All in all a great survival movie.

Happy waching!

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