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Language: Russian

Genre: Biography

Duration: 01 Hour 45 minutes

IMDB Rating: 6.5 / 10

Release Year: 2020

One of the most widely used and well-known firearms in the world is the AK-47 which is still in use. And this is the whole movie with the story of discovery and discoverer. The movie is named after Mikhail Kalasnikov, a soldier from the Soviet Union.

Plot: During the Second World War, the Soviet Union's "Red Army" was almost disarmed by the self-sufficient Nazi forces. At that time, the tank driver Kalasnikov was wounded in an enemy attack on the battlefield and he was discharged due to illness, but his focus was on discovering something new, but he did not have an academic education. He saw that the weapons of the soldiers on the battlefield were not working properly and that many soldiers were dying because of it. In this context, he became addicted to making a new weapon to make the war easier. Can a self-taught soldier without academic education realize his dream? The whole movie is in this plot.

It is not the fact that this movie of the biography genre has been able to reveal the entire history, but it has tried to show a lot. No 'Bisab' of the movie has come yet but the English sub has come on "Subsin" site and the movie is available in "Crazy HD".

So happy watching

Thanks in advance

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