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2 years ago

Versatile is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this name Vikram. Versatile actors like Vikram are very rare in India. Dedication for each of his movies is memorable. I saw his first movie Endruthkully. I became his fan after watching this movie. Samantha acted opposite him in the movie. Samantha and Vikram both had excellent performances. Then I found many of her movies on YouTube, of which the two most favorite movies are "I" and "Aprachita". But I also like the movie Endruthkully. And how is that possible. But even then many movie lavaras groups don't talk about him. Where masala heroes are talked about every day.

Even then no Maas hero can take the place of Vikram.

Because box office and craze are not all.

Some of the Vikram movies I have seen

1 / Endruthkully

2 / Aprachita

3 / l

4 / sketch

5 / kadaram kondan

6 / sethu

I see a lot more, but I remember the name of the queer. But it is a little difficult to remember the Tamil names.

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