Sir Thomas Alva Edison.

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He is the inventor of motion picture cameras, electric light bulbs and many advanced technologies of electricity.

When Thomas was in school as a child, one day his school teacher gave him a letter, saying, "You will give this letter to your mother, not to anyone but your mother, and you will not read it."

According to that, Thomas brought the letter and gave it to his mother. Mother opened the letter envelope and read the letter aloud. The letter read to his mother reads, "Your son is very learned, intelligent and talented. We don't have any teachers or infrastructure in our school to teach him well. So you can enroll him in another good school or you can teach him yourself." When he finished reading the letter, Thomas saw tears in his mother's eyes.

Many years have passed since then. Thomas grew up then. Not just big in age, big in real sense. He was then Sir Thomas Alva Edison, a world famous scientist. How much of his discovery for society and people. One day while working at his mother's house, Thomas suddenly found a piece of folded paper. That's when he remembered his childhood. Thomas realizes that this is the letter given to him by the teacher from his childhood school. Thomas began to read the letter. There were tears in his eyes.

The letter read, "Your son is stupid and stupid. No education, no improvement is possible by him. So don't send him to school anymore".

Scientist Thomas wrote a diary every day

. After his death, his diary is read, written on every page --- "Every obese and foolish boy has a mother, who makes him a scientist or a man with affection."

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