Series- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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2 years ago

Genre- Mystery

Imdb rating- 8.7 / 10

Personal rating - 9/10

If anyone wants to find Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock on the TV screen, to see Sherlock Holmes's masterpieces in that Victorian era in London or Conan Doyle's adventures, without any change, this series is for them.

The series has a total of 41 episodes. Each episode is based on a story by Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock's adventures are beautifully portrayed in the pages of the book in each episode, as well as the mystery, the excitement of going on an expedition, or the shivering feeling before catching the culprit - there is nothing lacking here.

The real attraction of the series is Jeremy Bratt. His keen eyesight, whimsy, extraordinary dialogue and perfect acting seem to bring Sherlock Holmes inside the book before our eyes. According to many, it was Jeremy Bratt who bestowed Conan Doyle's Sherlock on screen. The scenes of Sherlock Holmes looking for clues for his beautiful acting don't seem monotonous either.

The runtime of the series is 1984-1994. If you don’t mind watching the old-fashioned series and if you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or detective stories, you can watch the series. Almost all the episodes will be available on YouTube. Happy watching.

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