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Movie: Mirroring (2017)

Language: Bengali

Country: Bangladesh

People: Mystery, Crime, Thriller

IMDB: 9.1 / 10

Director: Avitav Reza Chowdhury

The movie is a masterpiece, a full movie ... I mean, the movie was awesome in every way.

Acting: Those who have seen the level of acting in Chanchal Chowdhury movie must know ... He has given his best .. He has proved his versatility .. The way he has adapted himself to each and every character is really amazing .. I could not recognize him in some places. .Especially when playing the character of a mental patient, it was like watching his performance ... At one point he gave a dialogue, "Don't you understand?" --- This dialogue seemed restless. That too was turbulent ... and everyone else in the movie did justice to their character

Cinematography --- The best thing I like about Chanchal Chowdhury's acting is his cinematography ... The camera work was great ... The camera work was of the best quality in the whole movie ... I mean you don't get bad shots in one place ... especially on the places Captured from Dhaka city, I like them the best ...

When it comes to music, the sound mixing was great ... and the BGM to introduce Chanchal Chowdhury was on fire, brother ... the songs were also very good ... but I would be happy to do the ending song differently.

The screenplay was also of the best quality (as a Bangladeshi movie) ... the screenwriter wrote with great care ...

The direction is really great .. Avitav Reza Chowdhury has fascinated a lot ..

Movie Summary: Aina is an actor who goes to jail for money at different times..he plays so beautifully that no one can catch him ... Saber is caught by a crime reporter ... so he follows Aina to expose her. Can he expose himself to the mirror? If you want to know, watch this great movie

At one point in the movie, Chanchal Chowdhury told Perth Barua, "You are following me, so come home ... I feel very tired ..."

This dialogue is just ... and the twist was great ... the ending was great ... Arifin Shuvo's cameo

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