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Movie Name- Sometimes


Get- Netflix

Run time- 1 h 50 min

Six people are waiting for a report in the waiting room of a diagnostic center. You will get the report of their blood sample collected in the morning at 5 pm. Although there is no similarity in the behavior, occupation, age of 6 people, all 6 of them have come for the same test (HIV, AIDS).

The girl at the diagnostic center's reception desk is in dire financial straits. With two months' rent left, the landlord is trying to evict his mother. Even though the girl has gone to work feeling isolated, her mind is somewhere else.

6 people have 6 stories. Some have come into contact with an AIDS suspected patient, some by accident, some by accident and some on purpose. Every moment of waiting for the report was increasing the intensity of their mental pain at a proportional rate. They offered a bribe to the girl at the reception to get a quick report. The receptionist in financial straits had no choice but to take a bribe. Meanwhile, it is a difficult task to get the report out with the eyes of a very strict boss. However, the bomb exploded in the silent waiting room when the girl reported that one in six people had reported positive.

About 90 percent of the movie's work is done in the waiting room of the Diagnostic Center. The main purpose of the movie was to raise awareness about AIDS. Although there are strong actors like Prakash Raj and Nasser, the story of the film revolves around the young actor Ashok Selvan who plays the character of "Bala Murugan". The story of the movie is such that it will not let you take your eyes off the screen till the last minute.

Released in the Tamil industry in 2016, the film is directed by Guni producer "Priyadarshan".

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