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2 years ago

Movie: Daisy (Korea, 2006)

Genre: Romance

Director: Andrew Lau

IMDb: 7.5

Per. Rating: 9

Painting is Hye Yeong's meditation, passion and profession. A daisy flower garden at the foot of a hill - a professional killer who fell in love with a village when he went to draw a picture. The killer named Park regularly sends daisy flowers to Yeong just to see him. Meanwhile, while drawing a portrait, Yeong falls in love with an undercover police officer whom he thinks is the man who sent Daisy. It's just a dialectical environment where not just love, but professional gangs, drug dealers and Interpol are involved.

A very emotional movie. In the end, the director seemed to play with emotion. Usually a triangle is a scatterbrain in a love story but the ending of this movie is exceptional there. The script is written in such a way that Maya is for all three characters. That's why the last one gave tears! The plot of the movie is also exceptional, the love story of a professional killer. I have enjoyed their love very much; It was enjoyable to see in secret, to send gifts, to risk one's life. A beautiful romantic movie. Recommended

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