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Movie Name: Tumbbad

Imdb rating: 8.6 / 10

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

There have been several reviews in the group about this film. Then I can't resist the urge to write something about the film.

"Mythology", "Symbolism", "Ancient Religious History" has always been my strong interest in the subject matter. Novels or pictures based on these;

Both are very appealing to me. To name a few of them, I would like to mention Dan Brown's novels, which are based on three novels (Angels and Demons, The Vinci Code, Inferno).

Before we get into the story of the movie, let's talk about a proverb we often heard as a child:

"Yaksa's wealth is ruined"

Yaksha is mentioned in various places in Indian mythology. Yaksha is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. There are various myths about the origin of Yaksha. It is said that the god Brahma created Yaksha with demons. "Kuber". Kuber is the king of Yaksha and Kinnars. Lakshi, the goddess of wealth, appointed Kuber to look after her wealth.

According to the Puranas, Kubera is short in stature and possesses pink eyes. According to the myth, once he saw "Rudrani" in Kailash, one of his eyes got damaged and the other eye became pink.

Now let's come to the story of the movie:

At the beginning of creation there was the goddess of food grains and wealth whose womb was the earth. From there she gave birth to her first and most beloved child - whose name was "Hastar".

Hastar was very greedy for his mother's food grains and wealth (gold coins). Due to this greed he once stole all the wealth. After stealing the wealth, when he moves towards the food grains, other gods attack him. When they were about to wipe out Hastar, the goddess protected him and sheltered Hastar in his womb. But he also cursed Hastar that Hastar's name would be erased from the earth and he would never be worshiped. The womb is dormant.

But a "Kankanastha Brahmin" family from the village of "Tumbar" in Maharashtra started worshiping Hastar by making idols of him out of greed for wealth. The Hastar woke up.

No one returns empty-handed from the hand. Either he gets a gold coin, or he gets immortality. But that immortality is a more terrible pain than death.

In Indian mythology, there is no mention of the name Hastar. Many have found similarities between it and the "Mammon" of the "Old Testament".

But if we think a little more carefully, we can understand that the hand is no one else, the hand is actually the greed in us; And we are all one Binayak ...!

The cinematography of the film is impeccable. The fine workmanship of the camera and graphics captures the tension in the film. The performance of the child actors is really captivating.

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Great review

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