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* Spoiler Alert **

Suppose you went somewhere with your family. When your son goes to the toilet, he unexpectedly sees someone killing him and the Ruthless Gangster chases after him! What would you do as a parent in such a situation? Either you find them or they find your son. A lot can happen in the middle of this search. Take a look at the rest for yourself.

Mea Culpa (2014)

Re Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Director: Fred Cavaye

Er Writer: Fred Cavaye

📌 Country: France

As always, Fred Cavaye maintains great suspense, action and thrill in this movie. Cinematography, screenplay, background music, camera work, visual and sound effects, violence, lighting, ambience, casting, acting - all were equally good. It goes without saying that there is no error. But the plot was simple but the presentation was good. One of Rotten's critics called this movie "Handsome Action Nonsense". Understand what you mean. In other words, it would be better not to apply logic in some scenes. Of course the screenplay being first I didn’t have time to catch myself wrong. The movie has quite an enjoyable uterus. There is a twist towards the end that will make you emotional. In fact, that was the main beauty of the movie. I didn't get bored while watching this movie for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Enjoyed from beginning to end.

D Imdb: 6.1 (Underrated)

Al Personal: 8/10

📌 🍅: Critics 83% Audience 48%

Us Google Users: 77% Liked This Movie

The movie is highly recommended for action thriller lovers. It is also a very good movie as Time Watch.

Happy watching 7

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Great movie

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