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Name: The Negotiator

Runtime: 140 mins

Release: 1998

IMDB: 7.3

Language: English

Director: F Gary Gray

Janara: Action Thriller

Plot Overview in Bangla:

The main plot of this classic hit action thriller movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey is a fearless fight against false corruption and murder allegations by an honest police negotiator from the Chicago Police Department.

Story Overview in Bangla:

"Danny Roman" (Played by Samuel L. Jackson), a lieutenant in the Chicago Police Department, is a successful, shrewd police negotiator. His livelihood is to arrest various notorious murderers and criminals by brainwashing them. The young negotiator, who has had success in his police career, suddenly finds out through his desk partner, police detective "Net Runic", an undercover informant giving him confidential information that millions of rupees from Chicago PD's Disability Fund are being diverted from police internal affairs. . One day after receiving this information, Danny's partner was killed by miscreants in the dark of night and escaped. And Danny is caught as a prime suspect in the murder of Detective Knight. Tachada Chicago PD's Corrupt Internal Affairs Police members planted fake signs in the house of innocent Danny, convicted him of corruption and forcibly suspended him from the police force. Danny, meanwhile, devises a plan to prove his innocence by not remaining silent against this injustice. As a result, Danny went to the Internal Affairs Office in the administrative building of the Chicago PD and took 3-4 IAD officers hostage. And through his great Hostage Negotiation Skills, he demands another Chicago veteran negotiator, "Chris Sebian" (Plaid by Kevin Spacey), to prove his innocence instead of Hostage's life. This is the beginning of the main climax of the movie.

Final Opinion in bangla:

In a word, I like the movie very much. The Hidden James movie is full of thrill, suspense, and realistic action. Story Slow Moving Butt Greatly Satisfying. The ending is unpredictable. Samuel's acting is amazing. Also movie screenplay, casting, sound effects, lighting are of good quality. All in all, a great one-act thriller film is my idea. Zara is looking for a realistic suspenseful action thriller and you can swallow this wonderful movie without delay.


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