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🔔 Spoiler alert

🎬Movie: Dia (2020)

🎥Director: KS Ashoka

🗿Best: Prithvi Amber, Kushi, Dikhshit

Industry: Kannada

🎓IMDb: 8.2 / 10

📢People: Romance, Drama


Dia - A love triangle, where the movie is named after the central character "Dia", but it is actually the story of Adi. Those who have seen it will understand. The movie was getting a lot of response from the movie lovers.

So let's go into a little story. Dia is an introverted college student who loves to sit face down inside a book. Suddenly one day he sees "Rohit" for which many girls on campus are crazy. Diao likes Rohit at the first sight. Trying to draw attention in various ways. That's how college days go by. When he came to work, he suddenly met Rohit again. Laddu blossoms in Diya's mind. Slowly their conversation, socializing becomes love. Then something unexpected happened. Diya's life changed. The entry in the movie is of the "original" character. This original boy is a very jolly minded boy. Adi and Diya are friends. Then ... stay and say nothing. Watch the movie to know what happens in Diya's life, what happens later.

The storyline of the movie is as simple as the screenplay of the movie, the smooth acting and direction of Dia-Adi. Your focus should be more on the beginning than on the story. However, the naming of the movie may be due to the reason behind it, not love, but the fate of Diya. It is a romantic drama film where coincidences happen for the sake of the story. In the film, the protagonist often says, "Life is full of Surprises & Miracles ..."

Note: Those who have not yet seen the movie, please wait a few more days! Don't change the climax of the movie and it will be released soon. 😀😀 Because as much controversy, as much discussion about the climax. But in my opinion it was better not to change. Let's see how the change comes about. Hope for the best.




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