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Movie: Heaven Can Wait (Hollywood, 1943)

Genre: Romance / Comedy

Director: Ernst Lubitsch

IMDb: 7.6

Per. Rating: 8

After a long life of 80 years, Henry passed away. He had confidence in himself (!) So he went straight to the chief guard of hell. But the chief guard still did not receive a report about him, so he asked Henry to tell the story of his life. According to Henry, the meaning of his life story is to hear the stories of the girls who came into his life. So he started from the very beginning; No one left his birth mother with the nurse next to him before his death. But for the most part, his wife was engaged to his cousin, whom he ran away and married.

A very beautiful movie. Eighty years ago a movie but what a great animation, what a beautiful camera work, what a great script and acting! On the one hand, a great romantic atmosphere and on the other hand, all the dialogues are very intelligent and humorous throughout the movie. And the story taken from a famous drama is also exceptional, telling the story of one's own life to the devil! There are some nice sequences throughout the movie, including the scene where Henry and Martha first meet in the library. Henry's grandfather's character is very good, so friendly and witty character is not commonly seen. Gene Tierney as Martha is impressed by her presence and Don Ameche as Henry is impressed by her acting and witty dialogue. If you want to spend a nice two hours, you can watch the movie.

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