Mad Man

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2 years ago

Series: Mad Men

Genre: Drama

IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10

JK is an ad agency based in Madison Square, Manhattan, New York, in the sixties. The series focuses on the people inside and their personal lives. Don Draper, the central character, is the youngest partner and creative director of the ad agency, a seemingly excellent family man in private life, an attractive man to women. But is that really a measure of happiness? The lie behind Don Draper's face cannot be caught, but the truth behind the lie makes his life miserable in many ways.

Don Draper as the main character is like a pen on paper, because the rest of the character has blossomed as if in equal rhythm. Employees of this ad agency, named Sterling Cooper, men and women alike-all have character traits throughout the series. Everyone seems to be defeated in their own personal battles, sometimes victorious or victorious.

The series doesn't sit well with Sitcom, nor is the drama series inherent in it. It's like an aquatic novel. Cigarette smoke and a glass of wine on the stage of the novel - like a kind of inevitable ornament. You can also get mild erythema by looking at the amount of men and women who are seen smoking cigarettes like Meltrain.

Personally, I think Don Draper is an epitome of confidence. Mad Men's preoccupation is with the whole life of this ad agency in Madison Square, America during the Cold War, centered around Don Draper, who is full of confidence but with an underlying dissatisfaction.

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