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The main story of "La La Land" revolves around the lives and dreams of Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia Dolan (Emma Stone), where Sebastian is a hardcore 'Jazz Music' lover and Mia is a girl who is an old-type Hollywood movie Lover. Sebastian's dream is to have his own Jazz Music Club and Mia always dreams of becoming an actress. The two meet at a very difficult time in their dreams and that's how the story goes.

The plot of the movie will not help you to give an idea. If you want to enjoy a movie of a different genre .... there does not seem to be a better suggestion than this.

✅ Many will call "Whiplash" Damien Chazelle's best movie. I agree with everyone. If we talk about Passion of Music, there is no better movie than "Whiplash". "La La Land" is not just about Passion of Music. Dreams, Fantasy, Love, Romance, Music and many more. That's why I like "La La Land" more than "Whiplash".

✅ The movie is not just a matter of entertainment. The movie helps you to see different aspects of your life and outside of life. The first time you watch "La La Land" you will feel a different kind of feeling. As if you have never seen anything like it before. It will also give you a taste of feeling. I like this basic aspect of making movies even more than Fantasy movies.

✅ Those who are accustomed to watching Disney movies must watch "La La Land". The main problem with Disney live-action movies or animation movies is the screenplay and direction. However, Art Design and VFX work is great. But, Powerful Screenplay This is a major issue for any movie. No matter how beautiful a movie is, if it fails to show novelty, it will not be a good movie in any way. Cinematography, Screenplay, Production Design of "La La Land" Solid in a word. As a musical drama movie "La La Land "has done a great job more than any other Disney movie. Every scene and shot will fascinate you. Personally, when you understand the whole movie well, you will understand the essence of the screenplay and its difference with Disney movies.

✅ Character depth is a very important issue for such a movie but it is not presented very strongly. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have not been seen working much with the characters. However, I do not understand how 2 hours and 8 minutes will pass. Relying only on two characters. The whole movie has been taken to a masterwork level. The musical moments have made each scene more lively.

✅ Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone can be called a perfect match. It would not be wrong to say cute couple. They are one of the best movie couple in Hollywood. And, speaking of Emma Stone, she is just gorgeous. Ryan Gosling has been one of the best actors I've ever seen.

✅ (Spoiler Alert) "La La Land" is a portrayal movie, but it would not be wrong. Storytelling style, color of life outside of any ordinary musical drama. Life, Dreams, Reality is a unique image to highlight. It's like watching Sebastian's dream of a music club. His reality is different. He loves Jazz Music very much. However, Jazz is on the verge of extinction. In the movie, she tries to explain to Mia why she likes Jazz. She tries to express her passion for music. Again, after Mia repeatedly auditioning for her dream of becoming an actress, she fails to fulfill her dream. Every moment of the audition is a film shooting set for her. Like. They know that reality does not match with their imagination.

A scene from the movie Sebastian and Mia go to see a movie in the theater. They imagine the moments of that time like them. Which will give a different feeling than any typical romantic movie.

Not only that, it has created a kind of harmony between Dreams and Reality which has given a very unique idea about cinema and its art. It is a part of our past, present and future dreams and reality. No matter how hard and boring reality is, we can We can build through imagination.

নিক Another unique theme of the movie is Color. You can also address the moments of Color of Life as Beautiful, Wonderful, Extraordinary etc. When you watch, you will see the issues of Color changing. Happyness, Angryness, Sadness Different aspects of life have been arranged in different ways. In particular, if you look at the costumes of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, you will understand more clearly.

✅ I can't help but appreciate the production design. I have seen so many unique production designs in the latest "Mad Max: Fury Road". Multiple color has enhanced the beauty of Los Angeles even more. A Lovely Night's moment was my favorite moment of LA's Sunset. Added plus point with cinematography. Background views of the movie will look like a picture drawn by a painter.

Ryan Gosling's piano tracks are great in one word. 'Mia and Sebastian's Theme' and 'City o'

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