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Do you know the life story of Joe Biden? Do you know the fact that he wanted to commit suicide? In 1972, Biden, 30, went out to buy Christmas presents with his wife, daughter and two sons. Wife Nilia and daughter Amy died in a car accident. Two sons, Hunter and Bo, were hospitalized with injuries.

Darkness descended on Joe Biden's life. He thinks he will commit suicide. Go over the bridge in Delaware, jump. But he looked at the two boys. Joe Biden said, ‘I have never drunk alcohol in my life. At that time I took alcohol in my hand. But did not drink. I left it on the table. '

If he had died at the age of 30, who would have come forward today to save the United States from Trump? Today, at the age of eight, he was elected President of the United States and in his speech he told his rival Republican voters, "I understand your state of mind. I too have been defeated many times. '

Victory and defeat will come in people's lives. Love will come, separation will come. Loved ones can cheat. Can go away with a big hit. These are in everyone's life. If you feel sad about all this, then you can try to do something better than that sadness. I’m not saying that a lot of big hits don’t come. Comes. I’m not saying that such a big hit doesn’t come that life seems trivial. But the Creator does not give man suffering that he cannot bear. When love is broken, write poems, sing songs, listen to songs, eat, garden, watch games, play sports. I go to the stadium to watch the game to forget the personal sorrows of my life. I support a team. When that team wins, they jump for joy, when they lose, they cry. The benefit is that I can forget the sorrows of my own life.

I have told this story many times — APJ Abdul Kalam wanted to be an Air Force pilot. He went to Dehradun to appear for the Air Force Admission Test. Eight will be taken, he is the ninth. Disappointed, he went and sat by the river. It's getting late. He thinks, what is the benefit of keeping this life. At this time a saint came to him. He said, ‘Khoka, why are you sitting on the bank of the river like this.’ APJ Abdul Kalam spoke about his failure. The saint said, ‘Get up, you are a Tekoni in the Air Force, that means life is not meant for you to be an Air Force pilot. You are destined to have something else. Get up. Go. Search for your destiny. 'Abdul Kalam got up. He studied physics. Is one of the best scientists. Is the President of India.

Rabindranath says,

The sky is still blue,

The sweet light of dawn,

Suddenly I see death

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Whoever touches the eye understands

I shed a sea of ​​tears

I see without him

The universe is vast.

Keep in mind that,

Whatever good or evil may come

Take it easy.

The world is much bigger, much more beautiful than the one for whom you are shedding a sea of ​​tears. Love comes and goes in human life. It doesn't matter. Love, live. Don't die in love. Don't even think about dying. Don't even think about hurting. If you don't get paid, you win. Because, you have given, you are the giver, you have not been rewarded, you are superior. You won. He is more indebted than you. Celebrate your victory. Smile. Live.

You see, at the end of life you will win. Life has left a gold medal for you. You have to run until the last ribbon. Run. Live. Fight. Don't die in love.

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