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(Spy Thriller / Action)

IMDB rating: 7.9

Personal rating: 7.5

Hindi dub: ✅ (Intelligent Khiladi)

You can't find a spy thriller movie that the public doesn't like. One such spy thriller movie is Godachari. The movie is based on a great story. The story begins with a boy named Arjun who has applied 164 times to join the intelligence agency "R" but is getting rejected every time. His dead father for the 175th time

Arjun joined the training by taking the name of the person who was also an officer.

But a few days later a chief (ra) officer later blamed Arjun for the murder. Some of his father's cruel truths from coming in front of him on a mission to prove his innocence.

In a word, one of the best spy thrillers made in India. The protagonist Sesh Adivi was in the skinplay of this movie along with the director Sashi Kiran Tikka. Nayak: He has done a great job in the skinplay as well as in the movie.

Taste of Hollywood spy thriller in South Indian film

If you want to get, watch the movie Godachari.

Undoubtedly Mastach can be put on the list

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Well said

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