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A letter to myself

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3 months ago

Dear Rob,

You've been through a lot of things lately but you were able to make it through and it make you stronger and braver. Still, I know, there is something you're afraid of... its not the thought of getting old or dying but afraid of kids growing up so fast and that what lies ahead of them. Don't fret, you've been a great mom. Yes, you are! Life won't be easy so keep on teaching them. Never be strict nor too kind to them both won't help them grow. Be protective enough to let them know to be responsible. Make their faith strong. There are lot of things they will learn, taught by you and by their experience. Be your teen's friend and your young's playmate, however, keep in their mind that you are still their teacher and specially their mom so that respect would not be forgotten.

Again time is flying fast worry less so you could enjoy much. There are lot of things to do that soon be cherished. Enjoy your day every smile, laughter and tears are important. Make everyday memorable .

Hugs and kisses,

Rob 😊


Be strong. Keep your faith high . Everything you hope for will come true in God's time.

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3 months ago