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Swtich Bank account

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Switching to HSBC

The Current Account Switch Service has been designed to be simple, reliable and stress-free.

Once your account has been opened, it will only take 7 working days to switch. 


HSBC current accounts offer a range of great features and benefits

  • Exclusive offers for current account holders

  • Award winning products

  • Support network across branch, telephone and online banking

  • HSBC UK Mobile Banking app

  • Online tools, calculators and resources

  • Range of international services

  • to find out more about our range of accounts

How the Current Account Switch Service works

You can choose your switch date

Once your new account is open you can choose any date to be your switch date, as long as it is in at least 7 working days’ time i.e. seven working days’ time is the earliest you can switch. 

Talk to our staff about switching to HSBC on a date that suits you. You can either do this in one of our branches or call us providing you have a UK based current account.

Day 1

We’ll let your old bank know you’re moving and ask them to close your old account once everything has been transferred safely. Once this process has started, only certain elements can be cancelled.

Day 2

Your old bank will automatically send us details of your regular payments (Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments).

Days 3 and 4

We’ll set up all the payment mandates on your new current account, inform all your Direct Debit originators that you've moved banks and give them your new details. If your salary is paid into the account you are switching from, your employer will also be notified so your salary can be redirected.

Day 7 (the switch date)

Your old bank account will close and any remaining credit balance will be transferred to your new current account. We'll write to you to let you know the switch is complete.

We will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. We will also contact the sender and give them your new account details.

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9 months ago
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