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A suicide note

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9 months ago

One of my Bangladeshi friend share this with me. And this is share with you all.

Parents, sisters-in-law, uncles-aunts, uncles-in-law, uncles-aunts, aunts-uncles, if all these relatives do not come to work, then what is the benefit of being with them. I didn't find anyone by my side during the difficult times of my life. No one came and told me how I was or just tried to solve the problems. I couldn't explain my problem to anyone. My love is worthless to the arrogance, anger, zeal of my parents.

I want to tell the people of Halsa. What anger, stubbornness to the boy's happiness grew. I got married according to your choice. Then why so much trouble after marriage. On the 17th day of the wedding, why did you call Dharmadaha and say that this boy is my adopted son. Manalam may have joked that he never resolved the issue after that. Ever since the marriage, he has done such small and big problems which he has not tried to solve. He did not solve it because he would become smaller. Show the arrogance of being the father of a son This arrogance does not go away at the present time. Now the only question is am I really your child?

I want to tell the people of Dharmadah. People's positions are not always the same. At one time I had gadgets (Mac, DSLR, iPhone, iWatch) worth Rs. 3,60,500 in my bag pack. I have always tried to do something good. There is a boy sitting in your house trying to get a job but he didn't get the job because the job is not so easy. Is it just my fault or fault since marriage, there is nothing wrong with you? The small mistakes of the two families have become big. No one has solved these mistakes. I tried all the time but couldn’t understand the two families.

Message about marriage on September 26, 2018. October 2, 2017 wearing a ring and getting married on October 22, 2018. I had a good income and a good position, so I did not hesitate to marry such a boy. But whenever my position got worse, I got worse. In fact, you do not want son-in-law or want money.

Ishita took a house in Mauna in April, 2019 for her job and I came and went. You may think that the son-in-law of the daughter's income comes and eats and leaves. It's normal to think so because Ishita doesn't seem to say I also spend on family. Ishita has raised herself by not talking about expenses. But I used to spend four to five thousand rupees a month on my family. Which you don't know. At that time it was not possible for me to spend more than that in the family because I also had to spend on food in Dhaka. Anyway, our family was doing well on the income of two people. But mother-in-law has confused our family a little too much. I never let you suffer alone in the world. I assisted you when you cooked. I also cleaned the pots in the morning after eating so that you don't have to come from the office. I've washed your clothes. I never thought of the family, I have always thought of both of you. Even then he left me.

At the time of marriage, people in your area said that such a boy could not be found. But whenever I got divorced, those people started calling me a bad boy. From then on, he used to ask Ishita to divorce this boy. I didn't want to play with dolls, I got divorced. Couldn't two families sit together and find a solution?

Ishita wants to tell you. As a husband, you have never been able to adopt me, you have always kept a distance. Don't tell me too many things that need to be said. In many words I heard much later. Whatever happens between us, you share it with your mother, which is not right. You can't lie to tell but you lied to me just in time. You have been indifferent to me since marriage. You go home from Dhaka. After going home, never call and say I have come home in a good way. Which I haven't received from you in two years of marriage. You had no love for me. Even then I wanted to manage and make a family, maybe one day you will understand.

Ishita, your relatives have always supported you to get a divorce, but after the divorce, those relatives never found you. There is no job, no one wanted to know how you are doing. Because we humans talk in tandem with such currents.

Even after the divorce, I helped you in every way I could. But you divorced me at your mother's word. Do you really love me

Your complaint was that I was careless. I always look for a home market because I am careless. Needless to say, I recharged the phone and gave internet. I heard about the people in your house. You've been at home all day working and resting. I never said I would talk all night today. I cooked and ate even though you were in the office because I was careless. I never gave you a job for sex because you have to go to the office in the morning with wet hair. Because I was careless, I brought rasmalai from Comilla and fed it. Because I was careless, I gave three-pitch, market, phone recharge and internet even after divorce. As I was careless, I left Dhaka at 5 in the morning and went to Mauna and took you to Chandra by bus. Because I was careless, I had a hard time riding a bike even after the divorce, I took you for an interview. Regrettably careless even after doing so much.

However, marry someone better than me and have a happy family. Fulfill your desires. One of my requests is that if you have a daughter, you must name the girl Samaira.

I have never made love in my life. I really loved you so much after marriage that you never understood. I don't know how to express love so maybe I couldn't explain it to you.

Forgive me if you get money if possible. After this

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Written by   9
9 months ago
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Nice article

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8 months ago

suicide is not a solution .it is so called sins

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8 months ago