Clasico's new referee is raising the fear of Barcelona

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In a nutshell, the two teams in Europe that face the most accusations of getting too much help from referees are facing off tomorrow. Interestingly, both teams spoke out against the referee again. The coaches-officials-players of the team have said a little bit, how much the supporters of the team are vocal about this, to say the least!

The two teams are facing off in a Spanish League match tomorrow at 1pm Bangladesh time. This is the biggest event in the history of any Spanish referee who has been appointed as the referee in this match. But the referee of this match will probably be the most beloved of the neutral spectators. Before, during and after the 90 minutes of the match - the camera also keeps an eye on the referee of this match. Speaking of the biggest match in Spanish football!

The added importance of the second El Clasico in the league this time, it could fix the fate of both teams in the title race. More specifically, the fate of Real. One of the unfortunate reasons before such a match is the change in refereeing.

Depending on the outcome of the match, the change could lead to a major controversy at the end of the match. However, considering that after the match, considering the previous record for now, Real Madrid may be happy with this change in the refereeing. And Barcelona will be bored.

What has changed? Mateu Lahos, a well-known face among Spanish referees, will be in charge of whistling in this match. In the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Wednesday, Lahos was the referee for Bayern Munich's match against Neymar-Mbappe's PSG.His performance that day also garnered a lot of praise. But on the same day, the Spanish referee heard bad news that he had suffered a muscle injury. It was not immediately clear what caused the injury. However, that injury proved to be enough to remove him from the Real-Bara match.

According to the Spanish daily Marca, the committee tasked with appointing referees to professional football tournaments (CACP) has removed Lahos from refereeing the match due to injury. In that place, the responsibility has been given to another referee Jesus Gil Mansano. According to the previous schedule, Mansano was scheduled to rest from this week's Spanish League match.

But what makes Real happy instead of referring? That will tell the old record. Let’s start with the El Clিকsico record first. Gil Mansano has refereed El Clাসsico only once before. Barcelona went to Real Madrid in the ninth week of the league in the 2014-15 season.

Neymar's goal in the fourth minute of Luis Suarez's debut in Barcelona's jersey gave Bar এগিয়েa the lead, but he came back with a great win and Real won the match 3-1. Cristiano Ronaldo equalized from the penalty spot in the 25th minute, with Ronaldo's team-mate defender Pepe scoring just 25 minutes later. Real's third goal in the 71st minute came from Karim Benzema's foot.

Ronaldo-Pepe is no longer in Real. Neymar or Suarez are not in Bar বারa. There are only eight members of the Real squad of that day in the current team, Bar বারa have six. Sergio Ramos and Dani Carvajal, another defender to Corona, Rafael Varane, will miss Real tomorrow due to injuries.

Only Nacho, Benzema, Isco, Tony Cruz and Luca Madrich were in the squad that day and are likely to return tomorrow. Gerard Pique and Serhi Roberto are among the six Barca players in doubt. Messi, Mark Andre Ter Stegen, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets are in good form.

Time is different, the list of players is very different, but the two teams fighting in the match are the same! Gill Mansano's record of refereeing between the two teams six years ago is supposed to give Real an extra motivation.

Real and Barca's performances in the refereeing of Mansano outside El Clিকsico will provide inspiration. So far, Mansano has refereed Real Madrid 31 times in his career.Real has won all 25 of them, drawing and losing by three. And Bara? Mansano played the flute, Bar ২০a was the name of a team in 20 matches. The Catalans have won 11 times, drawn 5 and lost 4 matches.

Doesn't the record seem to be the same all the time in the past? In that case, especially for you, the performance of the two teams in the refereeing match of Mansano this season. Mansano has refereed Real's three matches in the league so far this season.Real won against Athletic Bilbao (Mansano showed a red card to Bilbao's Raul Garcia), drew against Real Sociedad, and lost on three penalties at Valencia.

Here is more disappointing news for Barcelona. Mansano has previously refereed Bara in a league match this season, with Bar ১a drawing 1-1 against Sevilla.Mansano has also refereed another Spanish Super Copa final in another match that raised the possibility of Barca winning the title this season outside the league. Another setback for Bar্সa in the 3-2 defeat to Bilbao was the fact that Messi was shown a red card at the end of the match in a Bar্সa jersey, the first red card for an Argentine forward.

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