Messi revenge but Mbappe Alone warrior

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5 months ago
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Hi everyone hope everyone is fine. But one day before a sports loving person was not fine at all. Because we all have witnessed a nail-bitter in Fifa World cup 2022 final.

As you all know it was an years of upsets in sports department and we saw so many upsets earlier in group stages. But at the end it was two teams who earned their place in Finals Argentina and France. It was repeat of 2018 world cup because same teams qualified for the finals.

It wasn't a match for Argentina it was an opportunity to create history because star footballer Leo Messi was playing his last world cup and he was so unlucky to win a fifa title for his team. In last world cup Mbape turned out to be a hero for France and he single handedly snatched a cup at the age of 20 from Argentina.

I couldn't follow football except the world cups. But I watched the final live. Argentina came out with a plan and they took control on the ball most of the time and Messi played extraordinarily and they able to get a penality on 21st minutes and as usual Messi took the lead for Argentina. Ball never got out of Argentina half and they able to put ball into goal once again. This goal was done with extraordinary skills and De Maria found the final touch. I like the team strategy of Argentina as they were not playing to get reputation for single person they were putting efforts collectively. At the end of first half Argentina lead the game by 2-0.

2nd half started with the same as Argentina was doing in first and they took the control for 70+ minutes. And then Mbappe came as saviour for France as he scored 2 goals in 2 minutes and France was back in the game. I became fan of Mbappe at that time. And at the end of final time Martinez saved a goal and maintain the score at 2-2.

Now 30 minutes was given and Messi came again with class and scored a Marvellous goal. At that time Messi again took a game away from France but a lone warrior turned up a lone warrior and scored a hat Rick although it was a controversial goal but once again score was equal again. Extra time finished and then shoot out started.

Messi and Mbappe started with the goal but France missed next two penalties but Argentina didn't. And at the end Both team scored but Argentina won and created history.

This was an extraordinary final and exact the same what fans wanted. Good to see that finally Messi won another trophy and now nothing left to won for him. But I am totally impressed with the game of Mbappe a next star in making.

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5 months ago
Topics: Fifa, Messi, Nail-bitter