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5 months ago

Hi everyone. hopefully you will enjoying the weekend.

Today I will focus on the topic student life vs Teacher life.

Alhamdolilah my studies are completed and now I am involved in teaching since 3 months. I don't want to become a teacher when I was in student life because I was scared of teachers although I was a good student in entire student life and I am still a student. Because a person keep on learning till the death. But as the life pass on you polish yourself and you upgrade yourself.

In my student life I was quite simple, never participated in co-curricular activities which was not a good thing but I was a shy. Even I had made only 1 friend till intermediate level so you can see I love to be alone. But when I started university life I had to upgrade myself. Because I was the person with zero confidence and even I can't mix up myself with the class.

So first step I took was I made few friends which I realized afterwards that I was missing this step in my entire life. I slowly built trust on them and I really enjoyed their company. And I was completely a changed person after 2 semesters. After that a covid came and everything was changed not only for me but for whole country. I wasn't so much active on social media so everything was closed and I had nothing to do.

I was fond of watching motivational lectures and then I started to look for online work. I got a work after a hard work of two months through a Facebook and you couldn't believe that was turning point of my life.

I found a website for article writing and I won't share any details because I want to focus on a topic that how I upgrade myself. I gave 18 hours to my work in start which wasn't easy at all. But good thing was I kept on improving and started building relations with different people of different countries. I found so many friends and at that time I realized that I made huge mistakes and I really need true friends.

As the study routine comes back after a year and I again started going to university. But my friends was surprised with my totally changed behavior. I was much confident and also started talking more.

So it helped me to join the teaching field. I know it wasn't an easy decision to make but I am proud to be a teacher now. I am totally busy now a days and I sacrificed many daily routines but Alhamdolilah I am satisfied with it.

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