Love story

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Saon can't think how he will bring his girlfriend in front of Sagarika. He doesn't have a girlfriend. In order to escape from Sagarika's hand, he said angrily that he has a girlfriend.


On the other hand, Sagarika is also wondering if Saon will really bring her boyfriend. She has to leave Saon .....


While thinking about Saon, an idea comes to Saon's mind. The idea is that he will act in love with someone but with whom, but with whom, yes, if he can convince Nidhi. So Saon calls Nidhi without thinking ...

--Hello Nidhi ..

--Yes Ball Saon ...

--Please don't need a help ??

- I need some help from you.

--Do you need help again ... ??

- You can't say on the phone that you will leave tomorrow and then I will listen to the two of you.

--Okay ..


The next day ..

- Yes! I asked Saon to come for what ..

--Tell me first and then mine ...

- I will say you will really help, then I will help you too ...

--Okay, I'll help both of them right later, but I can't talk.

- Promise not to talk.

- Tell him your problem ..

- Actually I don't mean I mean Jubayer ..

- Needless to say, I understand that you have to match the cross to Jubay

- Yes, I understand, if you can convince him, then I will help, tell me what's the problem ...

- My problem is you have to go somewhere pretending to be my girlfriend ...

--I understand you have to act, you have to go in front of Sagarika, right ..

- Hmm. But this is the only way to get rid of her paralysis today and she will wait on the college campus in the afternoon ...

- Go to him but tell me what will happen ..

- Your subject will be now ..

- I mean how now .. ??

- See just that.

Nidhi is surprised at Saon's words, what will Saon do now. Asking Saon Nidhi to sit down, he said he has gone for work, he will come and say that Saon Pak came out and called Jubayer. Saon keeps saying ..

--I think you love Nidhi ..

--What do you mean .. (mumbles)

--Tell me the truth ..

- What's true ..

- I don't understand what I'm trying to say to you .. (at the beginning of the threat)

- Yes, love, why what happened ..

--Hey nothing happened I said to be sure ..

- You know how scared I was to be your CEO ...

--Learn to overcome fear baby you have to propose to Nidhi now ...

- What can I say?

--Then lose the fund ...

- I can't do that either ..

--But I can Taki .. ??

- Nothing.

--If you get the fund, propose to him in two minutes.

--I can't in such a short time ..

- You don't need him. (A little angry)

- Why are you angry, what am I saying or not ..

- So let's go ..


- Again

- Don't go (scared)

Then Saon goes to Nidhi with Zubair. If he goes, he will tell you who sees Jubayer and why Saon is coming here. What do you say and see what Saon Jubayer says and stands behind a tree in the name of bringing nuts ...

What does Jubayer say about Nidhi ...

--No, I mean Nidhi .. (can't say)

- Tell me what to say ((Nidhi is smiling in his mind and telling Saon to tnx)

One of Zubair's words is just going to mean that meanwhile Nidhi Ame thinks everything is fine but he says angrily to Zubair ..

--What do you mean since then ..

--I mean ..

- Again

--I mean I love u nidi

- It takes so long to say this

- No, uncle, you know everything ..

- Hmm, I can't tell you anymore, so I told Saon, he did it all ..

- Oh, then go with me, Saon, how scared I was after talking to you, then I asked you to propose ... I will not talk to you ...

- Don't tell the truth ..

- Really ..

--Hmm .. After saying that, when Nidhi was about to leave, Jubayer grabbed Nidhi's hand and pulled him. Nidhi came and grabbed Jubayer by the arm.

--What do you mean‌ .. ??

--A love acting.

--I mean (who says everything to Zubair)

- The girl really loves you.

--True love or lies ..

- You're not right with him but ...

--Shut up if you don't, but ..

Not to mention that Nidhi manages Jubayer. In fact, everyone has seen what has happened between Sagarika and Sawan.


In the afternoon, Sagarika is in a lot of tension. The Sagariks have arrived a little earlier, waiting for him and Saon. Saon is very happy not to see anyone with the real Sagarika Saon at that time, then Saon is actually called Sagarika.

- I don't know if it's possible to get a girlfriend in a day .. (without telling Sagarika)

- I can't say who said ..


--That means..then Saon calls Nidhi to introduce Nidhi as his girlfriend but Sagarika doesn't want to accept but Saun is furious.

- So Miss Sagarika will leave me this time ...


- Don't talk about what happened, I brought what I wanted to see this time ..

- I have to let you go ..

- Hmm, you got it right and yes, listening to you now shows politeness ..

--Tell me what else can be done ..

- Hmm, that's it

- Hmm

--Let's sit in the canteen and have coffee‌ ....

- No, I have to win .. (Meanwhile, he is upset and now he is saying to have coffee with Honor.)

Then Sagarika goes to a kind of fundraiser. Going to see Saon talking to Nidhi and Sagarika can say that she is burning, she is in a bad condition. Saon is smiling when she sees Nidhi and then everyone goes to her house thinking Sagarika, so I have loved the wrong person for so long but Saon is not like that, Nidhi's love for her is not believed. Sagarika is just thinking ..


Meanwhile, Saon is called Nidhi

- The girl really loves you.

- Come on .. nothing like this and he was sitting stubbornly doing nothing like this ..

--I don't think you're the CEO ...

--What would you think if you fell in love with Jubar.

- I'm going to Saon but you have to think about one thing that the girl can do so much because of zeal, how can she take her heart if she does something.

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