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OWLDAO Transforms The Web 3.0 Gaming Industry

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Web 3.0 is a third-generation Internet for websites and apps that focuses on machine intelligence to provide users with a data-driven and semantic web. It is built around artificial intelligence, decentralized data networks, and Edge Computing, with a focus on providing a trusted, unauthorized, and open-source web. Although Web 3.0 is not yet fully implemented, the technologies involved are being used and are affecting industries. The world is being transformed into Internet of Things and wireless network technology. However, Virtual Reality and Blockchain are effective Web 3.0 technologies in the gambling industry. Casinos, for example, which is one of the most popular gambling sites, may soon be replaced by Metaverse. Startups have already taken shape and created impressive experiences and revenue among users, and it is inconceivable that the gambling industry is in a whole new era. OwlDAO is the most popular web 3.0 crypto casino solution.

What is Owl DAO?

OwlDAO is a web 3.0 crypto casino solution. OwlDAO is a leading Ethereum-based casino solutions provider, supported by Owl Games. OwlDAO benefits Owl Games through ongoing collaboration and expansion, which accelerates community growth and, consequently, increases casino revenue. OwlDAO aims to innovate traditional crypto casinos to integrate with the new DEFI world, including casino revenue + auto-liquidity and permanent buybacks from static rewards.


Many technology developers have not been able to combine casino and web 3.0, with payments via crypto.

OWLDAO Solutions

OWLDAO is a casino that uses web 3.0 with crypto payments. This development is the solution to the above problems. Looking at the development of the world of Casino, Web 3.0 and crypto today, the OWLDAO team by building a platform from the 3 project developments above. By combining Casino and Web 3.0 with crypto payments.

With users growing years, this is very popular with Casino users with the ease of crypto transactions in the blockchain. With this blockchain facilitates transactions in the casino world. So that transactions become transparent and security becomes more reliable. Payments at OWL games already support well-known crypto payments, especially the top 20 crypto networks today. For example BTC, ETH, BNB, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum etc. also create tokens to facilitate the transaction process. creates tokens $OWL tokens used by OWLDAO to promote sustainability through the alignment of incentives among users, applications, and the protocol itself. $OWL has been audited in Certik, this can be seen on the official website. With the auditing of this game becomes a guaranteed security reference, so that users do not need to worry about the security of Casino games and transactions.

Why OwlDAO?

OwlDAO integrates the world’s traditional casinos into the Web 3.0 space Not only that, it helps other crypto projects create their own custom casinos in the DeFi world, offering fast payouts and anonymity for crypto people.

$ OWL holders receive dividends from OwlDAO Ecosystem and all Owl casinos. Games, its main casino, contributes a portion of its revenue to support OwlDAO. As a result, the price of that OWL token goes up.

OwlDAO Key Features

  • Seamless Wallet Experience - Users can sign in and play using Metamask, Wallet Connect, etc.

  • Multiple Chain Supported - Support all EVM compatible Networks, we’re live on ETH, BSC, Polygon, FANTOM, OEC, and HECO already

  • Renowned Games Providers - Provide more than 3000 games from accredited game providers such as Evolution, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play

  • Fairness - They do NOT create the games by themselves so the fairness of the games is guaranteed. For example, Evolution gaming is a listed company (EVO) and the most popular game from them is LIVE casinos, where the dealers shuffle and deal cards in real-time in front of the cameras.

  • Users who buy $10 of $OWL tokens will also receive $50 in Owl. Games to play all their favorite games.

  • Besides, one can also play at Owl. Games, using their $OWL Token, and get special rewards and benefits.

$OWL Token

OwlDAO’s $OWL token is a type of governance token that can be found on Polygon and BSC Networks. $OWL token is an important part of the $OWL community. The team pledges 0.2% * Total Volume into $OWL to build the $OWL token ecosystem. Token supply of 5,000,000,000 OWL coins.

Token Utility

  • Staking : $OWL pool is giving out 59% APR in $BUSD.

  • The Bridge : The $OWL Token is available on 3 chains, including BSC, Polygon, and Fantom.

  • $OWL token charges a 10% transfer fee. All the tax will be used for auto liquidity providing


  • Total Supply : 1 Billion

  • Sale : 13%

  • Initial Liquidity : 2%

  • Bridge Locked : 20%

  • Team : 30%

  • Ecosystem : 5%

  • In-Game Treasury : 30%

  • Bridge Locked : Serve as cross-chain liquidity and will be totally locked in our bridge system. Ecosystem will be used as partner farming rewards, community bug bounty, marketing cost, etc.


With the Web 3.0 Casino platform, it is expected to make it easier for users and develop the crypto world on Web 3.0 with the Casino model. This is the right move from the OWLDAO team to incorporate the current emerging technologies. It is hoped that the Web 3.0 Casino can continue to innovate and grow.



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