The story of the princess and the wild goose

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Many, many days ago. In one country there was a king and a queen. The country was far from the shores of the sea. The king had eleven sons and one daughter.

The king used to caress the girl a lot. The king affectionately named her Elijah. The king had a very happy family with the queen and children. He had a great reputation throughout the state. The people love the king very much. One day grief came down in the king's family. Suddenly the queen died. A flood of sorrow swept across the state.

But the kingdom cannot function without the queen. So the king got married again with a lot of grief. But the new queen was very wicked. He did not care for the king's twelve children. He always spoke to the king against them. The king's mind was poisoned by saying this. The king sent Elijah to the village at the queen's word. There Elijah will work with the farmers, living with them.

The queen said many more bad things about the boys to the king. At one point the king abandoned his eleven sons. The queen's mind was not happy. The boys have to be sent somewhere far away. So that they can never come to this kingdom again.

The new queen knew a lot of magic in the sleeves. One day he used magic and said to the boys, “Eching Beaching Firing! At that moment, you will become a wild bird and will never be able to speak again. ”

As soon as he said this, the princes became eleven beautiful wild ducks; And flew away.

Days go by, months go by. Eliza is much older now. He is now 15 years old. One day the king's mind was racing to see Elijah. Then he sent the messenger to Eliza. Upon hearing the news, Elijah left.

But the wicked queen hid in disguise. Elijah was coming down the road. The queen found him and poured black almond juice into his mouth. Then Eliza combed her hair well.

Elijah entered the palace and kissed the king. But somehow the king did not recognize Elijah. Elijah was devastated. He came out of the palace and walked along the methopath crying.

When the sun set in the sky, Elijah came to a large forest. The fatigue of the whole day has overwhelmed him. He lay down on the grass beside the forest and fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw a river flowing by his side. The water of this river is very clear and sparkling. Elijah immediately plunged into the water and took a dip. The clear water of the river washed away the ink on Eliza's face. Immediately Elijah became as beautiful as before.

Princess Elijah began to walk through the forest again. After going some distance, an old woman met him. Elijah greeted the old woman and asked about her brothers.

The old woman said, "I have not seen any prince go this way. But I saw eleven wild goose with golden crowns on the beach. ”

Elijah began to walk with the current of the river. At one point the river came and fell into the sea. Eliza's journey is over. While wandering around the beach, he found eleven white feathers of a wild goose. And in the evening he looked up at the sky and saw the ducks. Eleven wild ducks with gold crowns on their heads are flying along the line; It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

When the ducks slowly came down, Elijah came to the side. When the sun went down in the western sky, all the feathers fell from the bodies of the birds and Eliza got her eleven brothers back.

The older brother told Eliza that they became human when the sun went down. But as soon as the sun rises, they will become birds again. He further said that they live on the other side of the thirteen rivers of seven seas. However, they can come to the beloved motherland for only eight days in a year.

The next morning Elijah sat down on one of his brother's sheets. Then, biting into the corners of the sheet, he took Elijah and flew across the seven seas to the Thirteen River. They flew all day with Elijah. Just before dusk they landed on a green island. The island is very beautiful. The waves of the sea play around all day and all night.

After working hard all day, the brothers quickly fell asleep. After staring at the sea for a while, Eliza also fell asleep.

In her sleep, Elijah dreamed a dream. Parir's name is Morgan-Li-Phi.

The fairy said to Elijah, “You can save your brothers if you want to. If you could weave a dress for each of them, they would become human again. But for this, you have to take yarn from the thorny leaves and weave clothes with that yarn. ”

Elijah was very happy to hear that. "I want to start weaving today," she said.

Pari said, ‘There is one more difficult condition here. You can't say anything before all the clothes are made. If you say a word, your brothers will die. ”

Eliza woke up quickly after hearing this from Parir. He collected thorny leaves of different colors from the forest. Then he began to pull the yarn out of them with great difficulty. Blood began to flow from the thorns in his hand. Yet he did not stop.

That day a king came to the forest to hunt. He was going this way. Suddenly he saw Elijah. What is a beautiful girl doing in this deep forest?

The king was very curious. He went to Eliza and asked her what she was doing. But Elijah did not answer. Because he knows that if he says a word, his brothers will die.

Thinking helpless and dumb, the king took pity on the girl. He took Elijah on horseback to the palace. A few days later, King Elijah fell in love with her and married her.

Eliza didn't feel well after becoming queen. She always cries. To stop Eliza's weeping, the king brought Elijah's garments, thread, and thorny leaves from the forest.

One of the king's ministers looked at Elijah with suspicion. The minister thinks Elijah is a magician. He always keeps an eye on Eliza. He even raised the word to the king. But the king did not believe him.

Elijah stays up all night dressing for the brothers.

One day late at night his thread ran out. He ran outside the palace to collect the thorny leaves. Elijah hurried to the graveyard. From there he collected many leaves and brought them.

The minister saw Elijah going to the graveyard at night and informed the king. The next day when Elijah went to the tomb again, the king saw it with his own eyes.

Magicians usually come here at night to catch frogs to perform various kinds of magic. Seeing Elijah with his own eyes, the king believed his minister. Eliza is definitely a magician. Otherwise he would not have gone to the graveyard alone so many nights. King Eliza was sentenced to death.

Elijah was imprisoned. However, as long as he lives, he will be able to spend time weaving clothes. She was given clothes, yarn and leaves. Elijah thought that he would never see his brothers again. Yet she continued to weave clothes attentively.

Gradually the last days of Eliza's life approached. He was taken to the gallows. Crowds of people from the state fell around.

Eliza's face lit up. The hair has become messy. Eliza doesn't notice. She is quickly weaving clothes. You have to finish weaving clothes before you die. If one day his brothers get these, they will be princes again.

The wicked people around him began to say, “Look, look, look at the magician's daughter. Let's tear off his magic clothes. ”

With that, the wicked people started coming towards Eliza.

Elijah got scared. Will they really tear their clothes? Just then eleven wild ducks came down from the sky and surrounded Eliza. Eliza then had no more time. He was very happy to see the brothers for the last time. He hurriedly threw his knitted eleven shirts at eleven brothers. And immediately the wild ducks became handsome princes.

Now Eliza can talk.

He smiled and shouted to the king, “Now I have no problem. I can talk now. It's not my fault. "

Along with the sister, the eleven brothers said in unison, "Our sister is innocent."

The elder brother came forward and told the king all the facts. The king was very happy to hear about his elder brother. He took Elijah back. He gladly gave Elijah a golden feather.

The king and Elijah returned to the palace with their eleven brothers. The people of the state were very happy to hear this news. A wave of joy swept across the kingdom. The festival lasted for eleven days and eleven nights with eleven brothers at the king's house.

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