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View on a very thrilling movie The hitman's bodyguard..

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9 months ago

Hitman's bodyguard been the best movie I ever put on repeat all my life ..

I've viewed lot of good movies, but this particular one 'THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD' really made that moment a better one, I felt like I never watched an action movie all my life. And believe me this film has been on repeat and it never left my device ever since I found the movie. What inspire me most in the movie was the character that was displayed by Samuel.L.Jackson (Kincaid in the movie),Ryan Reynolds (Michael Bryce in the movie), Elodie yung (Agent Russell Amelia in the movie). This three actors unleashed a very active part in the movie..

About the movie plot:

The movie The hitman's bodyguard was an American action/comedy movie released in the year 2017, directed by Patrick Hughes and starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel.L.Jackson, old man gary and salman hayek. The is based how Reynolds who was hired as a bodyguard to escort Jackson in order to testify at the international criminal court against the criminal act by the pulled up by the formal Belarus president in the movie..

The movie displayed just a 24hours scene after which Michael (Reynolds) an escort agent who lived in the Uk, while escorting a client to the airport and the client was being shot in the airplane at his watch. 2years after Michael also have to escort a client Bryce eykes out of a living protecting drug-addicted executive cooperate in London.

Where by Darius Kincaid (Jackson) who in the movie was an hitman contracted killer was being escorted by some interpol team which was led by agent Amelia Russell(young) in order to go testify against vladislav dukhovich (old man) the ruthless Belarus dictator which the international criminal court was unable to present an actual evidence against him. But Kincaid(jackson) agreed to proof an evidence against duckhovich in exchange of his wife sonia(hayek) release from the prison. While the convoy of the interpol security were on their way to the belarus, with the aid of jean foucher(almedia) which the interpol director, duckhovich men were able to attack the convoy and killed almost all the interpol securities, but Kincaid and agent Russell were able to escape at the gun point and they both moved to Russell house in the UK that day, which makes Russell call on Michael(Reynolds) to come escort Kincaid as a bodyguard to Belarus, so she can go back to the office and secure a cover up for Kincaid.. While Kincaid and Michael were in the house the left interpol left at the office were able to locate them with the help of almedia, but they both escaped and on their way duckhovich men were able to track them again but they were also able to break through and got their car burnt due to some set of guns left in the car, while going they were able to sport a missionary bus which to them to where they're gonna board a ferry to Amsterdam. While getting to Michael house in Amsterdam, Kincaid left unknowingly to buy a flower for his lovely wife which prison was also located in Amsterdam, Michael later found him and while they were discussing Kincaid made him know he killed his client krussower while he was out for a job and he shot him with s sniper from a 300meter top roof, this made Michael and Kincaid depart along the line but Michael couldn't hold it while duckhovich men while trying to attack Kincaid and he has to rescue him, along the line Kincaid escaped with a boat, Michael was captured by duckhovich men and toutured him to tell them Kincaid whereabout, Kincaid came around to the tortured point, killed the men and rescued Michael, so they get on their way to the criminal court in Belarus which was like 30minutes to the time the court asked them to appear. On getting to the court Kincaid introduced the self, tells the court that duckhovich wanna hire him to take out a political rival which he refused because while he was there, duckhovich ordered his men to kill and bury some innocent soul, Kincaid showed the court a PDF file containing the pics of the people that was murdered that day at duckhovich office , which was displayed on the court monitor. Duckhovich finally admit that the evidence was real but he had a back up plan to blow off the whole court by a van, while the van arrived, it blew off the whole place and duckhovich was able to hijack a gun and shoot at Kincaid but his bodyguard Michael took the shot for him, while Michael was bleading, Kincaid had to chase duckhovich to the roof top where an helicopter was waiting to pick him up, but unfortunately Kincaid shot the helicopter and kicked off duckhovich from the top roof to the ground, Michael while bleeding was able to spot agent Russell where she was having s fight with almedia the interpol director and he shot him to death because almedia was an interpol betrayal. Kincaid was arrested later for a trial base on his past crimes as a hitman but he break out of the prison to celebrate their anniversary with his wife at the Belarus bar where they first met...

The movie images base on scene:

Img: agent Russell and Michael at the criminal court..

Img: agent Russell her seflf the interpol hero.

Img: Kincaid and Michael in the missionary bus with the Catholic sisters on their way to Amsterdam ferry park.

Img: Kincaid and Michael after escaping duckhovich men attack before heading to Amsterdam..

Img: Kincaid at the interpol custody..

Img: Kincaid telling Michael (Reynolds) how he killed his client krussower.

Img: Kincaid and his wife sonia at the Belarus bar on their first meet ...


Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bryce, a former triple A rated executive protection agent and

CIA officer.

Samuel L. Jackson as Darius Kincaid/Evans, one of the world's most notorious hitmen and Sonia's husband.

Gary Oldman as Vladislav Dukhovich, the dictatorial President of Belarus .

Salma Hayek as Sonia Kincaid, Darius's wife.

Élodie Yung as Amelia Roussel, an Interpol agent and Michael's ex-girlfriend.

Joaquim de Almeida as Jean Foucher, the French Assistant Director of Interpol, who is later revealed to be Dukhovich's inside man and second-in-command.

Barry Atsma as Moreno, the lead prosecution lawyer.

Tine Joustra as Renata Casoria, Director of Interpol.

Kirsty Mitchell as Rebecca Harr, Kincaid's lawyer.

Sam Hazeldine as Garrett, a National Crime Agency officer.

Mikhail Gorevoy as Litvin, Dukhovich's lead defense lawyer.

Richard E. Grant as Mr. Seifert, a drug addicted corporate executive and client of Bryce.

Content of the movie and the production:

Directed by Patrick Hughes

Produced by Mark Gill

John Thompson

Matt O'Toole

Les Weldon

Written by Tom O'Connor

Starring Ryan Reynolds

Samuel L. Jackson

Gary Oldman

Salma Hayek

Élodie Yung

Joaquim de Almeida

Kirsty Mitchell

Richard E. Grant

Music by Atli Örvarsson

Cinematography Jules O'Loughlin

Edited by Jake Roberts


company Millennium Media [1]

Cristal Pictures [1]

Distributed by Summit Entertainment

Release date August 18, 2017

Running time 118 minutes [2]

Country United States

Language English

Budget $30–69 million [3][4]

Box office $180.6 million[3]

The Hitman's Bodyguard was released in the United States on August 18, 2017, and grossed $180 million worldwide. The film received mixed reviews, with critics praising Reynolds and Jackson's performances and chemistry, as well as the action sequences but criticizing the clichéd plot and execution. A sequel, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard , is currently scheduled to release on August 20, 2021...

Thanks for making out your time reading my write up and view on this movie, its a very thrilling movie to watch and I wanna urge all my readers to keep supporting and upvoting my articles, subscribe and you can also share your view on the comment box..

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Written by   7
9 months ago
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Wow, I'm already excited to check it out

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8 months ago

Being glad to see this.

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9 months ago

Have you really watched the movie.. And did you really put it on repeat because the movie worth it..

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9 months ago

Sorry, i cant remember.

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9 months ago


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