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We asked you what a literary coterie is and 56% of those who answered this question thought that it is an elegant writing style and 44% voted for 'a group of book lovers'.

What is the right answer? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out that this is originally a French word describing peasant farmers or cottagers who formed their association. Two features were essential for this association of the 17th-century French farmers - a strong unifying interest and exclusiveness, not allowing anyone else in.

The word soon broadened out in meaning to describe any group of this type whether it is a coterie of artists or a coterie of advisers or a coterie of devoted fans.

The correct answer to our question about 'literary coterie' is a group of book lovers. Mind the pronunciation of the word - [ˈkəʊtəri].

US singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik said: 'I'm fortunate I have this coterie of musicians around me to help take music to next level. Being surrounded by so much creative energy, so many creative people really feeds that creativity in me.'

Are you part of any coterie of like-minded people? Would you like to join any group of this kind?

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Written by   187
11 months ago
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