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Not Anymore

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Written by   187
1 year ago

She met him at a church conventional crusade

He is a general in the prayer army brigade

He woo her with his sanctimonious display

Speaking in 'tongues', he brags its greek when he pray

After the convention all went there separate way

Two weeks later she got a call from him

Saying"The Lord talked to me about You in dream,

"You are the one whom is to be my beloved wife"

"Bearing our children and living together for the rest of our lives"

She was caught aback with dazzling amazement

Her tongue tied she could not offer a mere comment

Little did she know this fellow is a psychopathic rapist

Rendering his victims helpless, he feels no remorse as a sadist

He got the chance to lure her to his domain with entices

As he always does to the oblivion victims he hypnotizes

Overwhelmed by his deceptive charming charisma

She was wrongly carried away thinking she found a worth mister

A responsible husband that will forever cherish her.

A patch of pain stains the spot at which the heart was broken

Now she vowed to death for the door of her soul not to open

For any emotions of Love that travels to get inside

On the horse of trust she made up her mind not to ride

Her fate was not worst than death though it tented her pride

The traumatic effect she did not permit to hold her down

She rose above the clouds of infliction that made her frown

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Written by   187
1 year ago
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The story of the movement became interesting because you wrote one that is actually about a relationship between two people

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1 year ago