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AAnother rape story

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11 months ago

My niece disappeared from the house on the 27th of September with no trace. I was away from Abuja but got a call around 10:30 PM from my siblings who were restless about her disappearance. She's fourteen, so yes, we had a reason to be worried.

For one week, we searched for her, to no ends. Then a call came last Saturday morning. A woman called my brother because the missing person's report had been flying with her pictures on Whatsapp. She was found in Gwagwalada...

I will spare you the details, but the message is, trust no one with the minors, no matter how big they seem. Our tenant, a married father of two, whose wife is 9 months pregnant was involved in her disappearance. The details of this can drive you crazy because he was involved in the search and was constantly saying, "Don't worry, you know children of nowadays, she will be fine..."

All the men involved are behind bars at the moment but their travail is yet to begin. I am even yet to have time for that case. His family members and Church members are busy begging for forgiveness and knowing my family, they are likely to wave off the case, but I am ready to disobey everyone outrightly for the first time.

See ehn, when I discovered that tenant was involved, I went to his apartment with a shovel because that was the only weapon that could do me justice at that time. I was not out to kill him. I was ready to damage him real good, but he was not at home.

Be watchful please, those who abuse kids are usually part of the family. She's fourteen. He's in his fifties. Raped her, passed her to the next person who raped her every night and if she refuses, he'll beat the hell out of her.

This is personal because she is Hyanet’s daughter. I know what he’d do if anyone ever messed with my child so feel free to join me on this journey of seeking one true justice because this is personal for me…

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I'm very anger with this kind of people who are very fleshly. They are evil, the Lord will judge over them. Very sad story. I'm sorry for that. Praying for your safety out there. Hope you get true justice sooniest possible time. God have mercy for our very young children for their safety against the evil one.

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11 months ago