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It is almost one year that the world is turmoil in Corona pandemic. There are 1,061,144 people died all over the world till now. As well as almost 36,429,108 people are suffering from this virus.

On the other hand Every effort is being made at all levels to overcome this catastrophe.

Vaccines are being tested around the world. Success is matching somewhere.

But is there other solution made by science, technology or medicine? This answer might be negative.

So some people in various countries around the world are trying to deal with this epidemic by force of their own faith. They are obeying their religious values to keep themselves safe from it.

Though Corona virus was first discovered in china but now India is one of the most corona affected country in the world.

in this country 6,835,655 are suffering from Corona virus and almost 105,554 people died from it.

So we can say that this country is totally Corona-ridden.

At this stage the people of this country are turning to various spiritual and divine powers to protect themselves from the virus.

Though their government, scientists are trying to their best to invent a vaccine to save their people.

In the Indian media, there is talk of a group of women from West Bengal worshiping 'Corona Mai' ( The Goddess Corona).

These women have decided to fight this new epidemic on their own. Apart from personal worship, a temple has been set up near the town of Asansol in West Bengal to worship the goddess Corona.

A symbolic temple

Immediately after its establishment, regular chanting of mantras, burning of incense and offering of fruits, vegetables, ghee, molasses etc. started in this temple.

The group told local media that they planned to worship and pray to the goddess until the coronavirus was removed.

A 23-year-old worshiper said, "Our hope is that Corona Devi (The Goddess Corona) will make sure that this virus leaves us forever."

Worshipers of the goddess Corona include women from age 20s and 60s.

They all believe that the best way to fight the epidemic is to worship the goddess Corona until the virus is gone.

Like the temples in West Bengal, the temple of the corona goddess has been set up another province in India called Kerala.

a symbolic photo of praying

Anilan Muhurtham, the founder of the temple, said, "According to Hinduism, there is a God in every molecule.

I have established this temple for the goddess Corona in compliance with the constitutional freedom to worship."

Anilan dedicated the temple to health workers, researchers, police and the media who are fighting for humanity during this disaster.

Anil is worshiping according to social distance If one wants to pay homage to the coronavirus goddess, he can do so by courier or post.

However, not only in India, but also in Bangladesh, after the first case of corona, about half a lakh people gathered in March to offer special prayers for save themselves from corona.

Muslims prayer house

Though mass gathering is very dangereous for spreading corona virus. But at that time the helpless people looked for their God to save themselves.

So they didn’t think of mass gathering but they gathered and prayed to their Almighty for save themselves.

Not Only general people but also the officials of the country requested to organize special prayers in mosques, temples and other religious institutions of the country to save country from Corona.

So at the ending point, Finally, we can say that when people are in danger, they do not believe in science, medicine or technology.

Rather, they run to their God. Find their salvation in God. Because Only God can the declare the Salvation of human.

As the holy book of Islam "Quran" was mentioned, " I ( God of muslim) most certainly try you with somewhat of fear and hunger and loss of property and life and crops; give good news to the patient."

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Amen🙏🏼 May God Bless us All

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