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I will visit you soon

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1 year ago

I'm Sayem. My sister's name is Sarah. She is 35 years old on the other hand I'm 20. We live in the suburbs of Dhaka city.

Both my mother and father are a private bank employee. From our childhood,me and my sister used to play together,shared a lots of things together.

The story I'm going to tell you when I was just 10 years old.

I can still remember the sweet moments of our childhood. I want to share some of the beautiful moments of our brothers and sisters love here.

When I was watching cartoon on TV, she wanted the remote. She asked me to give her the TV remote.

I'm determined that I will not give her remote. To be honest we used to fight a lot for the TV remote. But the fun fact is I always won that TV remote war.

How great our childhood was!

One afternoon,my sister Sarah told me let's go to rooftop and fly a kite. Then I told her that I will go, just after finishing the homework.

After half an hour, we went to the rooftop and made a kite with colour paper. We flow the kite together.

I used to play games on phone. But the sad truth is I don't have a phone of my own. As my sister is older than me so my father brought her a phone.

She didn't let me play games in her phone so again we had a fight together. When I see,she isn't studying, I ran toward mother and told that sister is not studying. Ha ha ha that's how I and my sister always stay together.

Though I did a lot of funny naughty things, she always hugged me and said oh my little brother, what will you do when I'll not around?

I loved to draw a lot and she is to help me out with drawing. We always saved our pocket money to buy new things for ourselves. I can still remember a moment of my childhood. I lost my new colour pencil box in school.

That day I came home crying. My sister was at balcony. She came to me hold my hand gently what has happened and why am I crying. I said I've lost my favourite colour pencil box.

She then told me not to cry. She will buy me a new one. I can still hear that sweet voice of her. Then I stopped crying,after taking lunch I slept for a while.

When I woke up afternoon I saw a nice colour pencil box beside my pillow. The same pencil box I lost today at school.

Then I ran inside the house with that pencil box in my hand cheering my sister's name.

My sister was a pure magician. I still have that pencil box. Whenever I miss my sister, I look at that pencil box. I found my sister there.

We used to save money a lot. I saved a lot of pocket money and my sister too. Whenever we saw any kind of fancy things we bought it.

One day when she was coming back from school she brought a lot of chocolates and ice-cream for me. I forgot that that day was my birthday.

But my magician sister didn't forget my birthday. She wished me before every one. She always helped me with my homework.

That's how our days were passing untill one day I've heard that my sister's marriage talks is going on. I just felt that she will not be around me anymore. That day I didn't sleep at all.

As I became total silent,my sister noticed my sadness. She then came to my room and asked me what happened.

I said you are getting married right? You are going to leave me right? I will become lonely. Please don't leave me! I can't stay without you. Then I started crying.

She then told my hand and said one thing hey my stupid brother who said I'm going to leave you? How can I stay without my little brother? If you cry again, I am telling you, I will leave tomorrow.

Don't you dare to cry again. I loved my sister more than anything in the world. I can't imagine losing her. She was my greatest companion of my childhood days.

I looked at her and said no I won't cry anymore but please don't leave me alone. I will not be able to stay without you.

I still didn't know that all this words are just for giving me condolences. Soon the marriage day has come.

At the day of her marriage,when all the functions are going on I was enjoying a lot. I was playing with other guests. Again I didn't know that after this day she will be at her husband's house.

When the function and at the evening,when my sister was leaving I saw my parents specially my mother was crying holding my sister's hand.

Than I realized that she was leaving me. Marriage is not just an function of enjoyment,for me it was like an function of losing my greatest companion. I started hating marriage.

I walked to her hurriedly and said, you are leaving me alone in this house. You promised me, Apu ( sister) you won't leave me than why?

Then she said it's the reality of every women to leave her parents house at an age. I am a woman and I also have to.

These words from her,I still remember. How strong she was from the inside. She said don't you dare to cry! I will visit you very soon.

Though I miss my sister very much from that day, but the strength she has given me is indescribable. Today is my sister's 11th marriage anniversary.

I am remembering our childhood days. She has also a child. Her child name is Sejan.

Every sister is strong enough to give support to her brother. My best wishes and prayers to all the brothers and sisters of the world.

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Written by   178
1 year ago
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What a wonderful story

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1 year ago