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12 countries giving maximum paternity leave

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When a child born, the mother floats with joy, the same joy but also the father. Although working mothers have maternity leave in their office, fathers often do not get any special leave for it.

After the birth of a child, most fathers are deprived of extra leave. A recent study by Boston College Center found that only 13 percent of parents in the United States take four weeks or more of paternity leave.

On the other hand, on average, other fathers return to work within two weeks of giving birth.

Parental leave is quite effective in creating intimacy with the child.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that 23 percent of mothers in the United States cannot afford to give birth to a child.

On the other hand, 48 percent of parents spend very little time with their children. Sweden and Germany have paternity leave.

So in these countries the relationship of children with father is stronger and easier. And the children can understand the father more.

In many countries, including Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Kenya, there are paternity leave arrangements for fathers.

In Nepal, all male government officials have been on paternity leave since 2004. In the UK, fathers can enjoy a maximum of six months of leave until the mother joins work.

In India also some organizations give this leave to the workers and employees. Many, of course, have to take unpaid leave at this time.

But here I share 12 countries those countries giving maximum paternity leave.

Let's check it...


Fathers in Japan can get a full year (52 weeks) leave on the occasion of becoming a new father During this time they get equal pay for 30.4 weeks of work.

However, in 2016, only six percent of new fathers took this opportunity.

Because of the lack of adequate staff in the office, employers do not offer this opportunity to employees, and many do not even want to be a cause of frustration for employment work.

South Korea:

South Korean fathers can get one week more than Japan, which means 53 weeks off. However, this time they get the same salary as 15.4 weeks of work.


In this small European country, the paternity leave for new fathers is 19.3 weeks. At this time they get the equivalent of 13.6 weeks.


In this country paternity Leave is available for 22.3 weeks.

However, the salary is equal to 12 and a half weeks for the new father.


In this Scandinavian country, the allocation of leave for new father is 14.3 weeks. At this time he will get the same salary as 10.6 weeks.


The new father was given the same salary as 9.4 weeks with 10 weeks paternity leave in Norway.


In Iceland, Fathers can take 13 weeks leave and Get 8.9 weeks salary in paternity leaving time.


In this European country, new fathers spend 7.8 weeks on vacation for new born baby. For this leave, they receive the equivalent of 7.8 weeks' pay.


In finland , At present the pay is equal to 5.6 weeks as opposed to 9 weeks leave. However, recently it has been decided to give seven months leave with the salary of the new father.


New fathers get bacon equivalent to 5.6 weeks after spending 7.8 weeks on vacation.


Paternity holidays in this country can be long. It almost 26 weeks! On the other hand, the salary is only 5.4 weeks. This is very disappointing for new fathers.


Like France, Belgium has more vacation opportunities (19.3 weeks) But the salary is only equal to five weeks.

Why do these countries value paternity leave so much?

One of the reason behind this, paternity leave is very important for the mental and physical well-being of the mother.

Research has shown that mothers are physically ill and mentally depressed after parturition .

At this time it is very important to give him emotional support from his family.

During the first few months after the birth of the baby, the parents develop an attitude of helping each other, which is useful in the future upbringing of the baby.

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