What is Solidity [ Understanding the Building Blocks Of Blockchain Programming]

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Solidity is a programming language that manages collections of data (functions) on a blockchain system, in particular the Ethereum Blockchain.. It is essential in managing and implementing smart contracts.Through implementing specific subsets of data and logic domain; Solidity enables developers to define smart contracts through a bytecode format only understood by an ;Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Smart contracts are used to deploy subsets of data, currencies or assets between parties and under a specific set of conditions. The transfer is only executed once the conditions are achieved. The conditions are usually stored on a decentralized ledger through blockchain technology. Meanwhile, the terms of agreement are usually written and agreed upon by two or more parties. For example a buyer and seller. 

Smart contract is a system that it is used by Ethereum to manage and govern  accounts in the blockchain. Solidity is an Object Oriented Programming languages (OOP) and it’s becoming more popular in  blockchain management. According to Coding source, Solidity programming will be the programming language of the future; and will account for 40% of the job market. Translating to a healthy future for programmers wishing to learn blockchain development. The popularity is due to the artificial intelligence of the programming language to EVM.

Developers utilize C++, python and JavaScript to implement Solidity. Three programming languages that  are essential in operating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Solidity helps to create Ethereum smart contract accounts and facilitates crowdfunding voting, token creation and multi signature support.  

 Basic Content of Solidity that Makes It Best in modern world 

  • With solidity you can develop applications which are self-reinforcing.

  • It is compiled into EVM 32bytecode.

  • It is much similar to serpent programming language.

  • It plays a vital role in generating EVM and makes it possible to execute in Ethereum nodes.

 How Solidity Works.

The ethereum virtual machines give ethereum nodes ability to access, store and process data for payment services to customers.A node is a point of intersection and diversion in a network.  All these services are executed by solidity. EVM has a compiler which translates human code to language to machine language. 

Furthermore, You might be wondering where to begin your journey in Solidity. In blockchain development. Since, Solidity shares striking similarity with Javascript, it is worth learning the ins and out of Javascript programming. Once you are ready to shoulder the bulk of a coursework; you could consider the following links; they will form a significant part of understanding Solidity; as a blockchain development framework. 

 Solidity language is easy to learn since it has a syntax similar to JavaScript. Solidity uses a sequentially programming language tool which is structurally organized into register spaces which are accessed by use of address space. Solidity use int, string and bools as the data type.

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