Tandem Bike; An Ultimate Guide for Couples to ride a Bicycle Built for Two

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Ever heard that song by Harry Dacre, "A Bicycle Built for Two"? The persona, a lover, urges his fiance that they can't afford a carriage or won't have a stylish marriage; but she will look cute on the seat of a bicycle built for two. 

I used to hear my parents sing this song, and I had no idea then. But for a while, it sparked my interest in Tandem bikes - or the bicycle built for two.  A tandem bicycle ensures that a couple can ride together at the same speed and still chat along the trip. Somewhat signifying how a couple should travel together along the road of life, just as Harry Dacre says in the song. 

Usually, riding a tandem calls for lots of teamwork. The person riding at the front is the captain. Where he/she engages the peddle for all the steering and braking. Teamwork comes in where the duo has to pedal simultaneously and in sync. A belief exists; about how much is to be said of a couple, depending on how they ride a tandem together. 

A famous quote mocks a tandem will get a relationship faster to its destination, no matter the direction it takes.

In this post, you and your partner will learn how to ride a tandem bike together. After all, riding a tandem keeps you intact, makes you a team, and is enjoyable.  

Perhaps you've not noticed a couple cycling on solo bikes, and one trails behind the other.  A tandem bike solves this problem by keeping two lovers together. 

Take the following steps when learning how to ride the Ecosmo folding city tandem bike.

1. The Captain takes the Front Seat

The one taking the front seat is referred to as the captain. As the captain, get into the bike, which ought to be different from how you get into a solo bike.  Stand at the bike's side while facing head straight and have the handlebars face the same direction you face. Lean the bike in your direction by holding its handlebars.  Now swing the leg near the bike's frame forward and let the handlebars straddle the frame. 

Getting on a tandem bike as you’d normally get on a solo bike will scratch the Ecosmo folding city tandem bike. Besides, the stocker bars make it hard for one to swing their leg backward when getting on the bike. 

Finally, after the captain is settled on the bike, they hold it firmly for the partner to take the back seat. The person at the back seat is referred to as the stocker. As the stocker climbs, the captain ensures that he grips the brake levers to prevent a forward roll. 

 Also, the captain clears the front pedals by spreading their legs far apart. This prevents the stocker from hitting the pedals, which would subsequently injure the captain's shin. 

Having the feet wide apart also gives the captain enough stability to hold the bike when the stocker climbs steadily. 

2.Stocker Gets Comfortable

Once the stocker is seated on the Ecosmo folding city tandem bike, they should get themselves comfortable. The stocker places both feet on the pedals.  A stocker must understand they will be uncomfortable a little bit when the captain begins peddling the bike.  Therefore, they have to resist the temptation to let go of the pedal and place their foot on the ground. This is where trust comes in. On the other hand, the captain ensures the movements are not minimal since this makes the stocker even more uncomfortable. 

3. Pedal the Bike

Riding a tandem requires one person to lead. The captain is usually the lead. Therefore, the captain decides the foot they will kick off the ride with.  And the person at the back must adapt to the change of feet.  Here is an example. 

If the captain has his/her left foot on the ground and the right foot on the pedal: 

The stocker backpedals the bike by ensuring the right pedal is precisely above the knee.  All this time, the captain remains standing on both feet but guaranteeing a wide space in between the feet.  The captain takes position and pedals with his right foot after the stocker strokes the pedal into position. During this time, the captain does not sit on the saddle. 

4.The ON, OFF, BUMP, SHIFT Commands

There are four commands that the captain usually gives the stocker when riding the Ecosmo folding city tandem bike. These commands are the ON, OFF, BUMP, and SHIFT.  

What is the ON Command?

The captain says ON when they want to start peddling and signals the stocker also to begin pedaling. This is a sort of initial signal to get the tandem started. 

The OFF Command?

A captain says OFF when they want to coast or want to stop pedaling the bike. Usually, this is a command when you both meet an intersection, want to rest, or want to stop the bike. During the stopping process, the captain says OFF, slows down the pedaling, and places one foot to the ground. The stocker should not get their feet off the bike after the OFF command, especially when they are stopping at traffic lights. This makes it easy for the captain to get started again because the person at the back is already in good position. 

What about the BUMP Command?

Captains often call out bumps for their stockers. It is challenging to notice bumps while saddled at the back.  Therefore it's essential to signal one before hitting it. This prepares the stocker as well. The BUMP command could be a signal for anything from a railroad track, man-hole, or pothole.


The SHIFT command prepares the stocker for change in terrain, let's say the beginning of a climb.  It is not advisable to hard pedal a bike when shifting.  Therefore, the stocker soft-pedals the bike at the SHIFT command signal until either a climb is over. 


Do you love and aspire to own a tandem bike - the incredible bike built for two? 

Keep reading our review of the COSMO 20" New Folding City Tandem Bicycle Bike. 

A bike built with modern concepts to provide the ultimate riding experience for two. 

COSMO 20" New Folding City Tandem Bicycle Bike Review

This is a great offer.

The Cosmo folding city tandem bike is an innovatively and well-designed bicycle with an ultra-high technology suspension system and a folding mechanism to increase mobility. 

Product Design 

The folding mechanism increases the bike's mobility and the fact that one could carry it to whatever place they want. This is a great feature that will come in handy for the avid cyclist who wants to utilize their bike to the maximum. The feature also ensures you can carry the bike with minimum effort by folding it compactly and storing it in a compact storage unit. The folded size has dimensions of 110 X 34 X 66 cm. 

It has a lightweight design to increase ease of use. A couple riding on the bike won't have to worry about collapsing or crushing. Besides, the bike is built to operate optimally in any kind of weather. 

Customization options are also available to personalize the bike depending on your preferences for colors and style. You could pick a saddle of your choice, bar tape color, stem length, or handlebar width.

The bike comes in two different frame styles. Either a steel or plastic frame. Choosing the steel frame means you are putting durability first, and that's a good choice. The plastic frame is also reasonable, and it all depends on your preference.

You are going to love the built-in tire reservoir.  A storage unit for all your extra tires and bike accessories.  These ensure you have an extra repair kit when you encounter an accident along the ride. The unit also ensures the extra accessories do not fall off during the ride. 

Other essential features on the bike include a battery charge, battery, and a USB port. The battery charger is located around the rear tire. And then there is a USB port for all your laptop/cellphone charging needs.


  1. Built for two

  2. 110 X 34 X 66 cm Dimensions

  3. 7 Gears

  4. Dual disc brakes

  5. Hi-ten steel frame

  6. 20 wheel size

Claims and Complaints

A complaint we identified among most buyers of the Ecosmo folding city tandem bike was about the bike. The gearing was too low and hard to get started.  Another complaint involved the bike is too short for a rider's leg length, making the riding a little bit cooped up. 


Product assembly instructions are simple and clear to follow. The package comes with an instructional manual, and you can also visit the product's websites for more instructions. All components are in place, and the tools are fun to assemble. The process is straightforward and demands no technical knowledge on the part of the buyer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What's the front forks' inside width?

Answer: The inside width of the front fork is 100 mm, and you can easily fit an electric wheel. 

Question: What are the dimensions of the bike folded and unfolded? 

Answer:  The folded size is 110 x 40 x 70 cm. While the unfolded length is up to 220 cm

Question: Can the bike support 2x6 foot adults - the average build?

Answer: Sure, it will. 

Question: Is it a must to detach and reattach the bike’s chain when folding?  

Answer: Yes, you should get off the chain from the bike when folding. To avoid getting yourself dirty, use gloves or put on tissue paper. 

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