Appeal for Startup Crowdfunding : Nairobi-Based Media Startup

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Kindly read through our concept notes and if you deem it worth to support our startup. Dont hesitate.

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At the same time, I am also trying to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies on the content of Africa. We are also in the process of building a blockchain for video content distribution that will be powered by Bitcoin Cash. This is part of the African genesis of spreading awareness and utility of BCH across the continent.


Delivering video, written &

Digital content for businesses and institutions

The Problem: Crganizations require a solid web content creation and management strategy. For example, Education enterprises require an effective content strategy to deliver learning materials especially in this era of remote work and remote learning. Our work at KR will be to simplify this process and streamline content Intended for particular niches of people.

Marketing Niche: Evident opportunities exist across Human resource and marketing departments , in education institutions and among entertainment enterprises - across these institutions is a common need to create, manage and deploy both written and video content. These organizations also require websites and apps, and those are the needs we’ve bent our backs towards.

Competitive Advantage: Today’s audience need creative, interactive and engaging content, content practises that pick feedbacks and are data-driven will be the rule in years to come. Our role at KR is help enterprises adopt new technology and data-driven content strategies which are in line with today’s internet consumption.

Proposed Solution: We bring together a team of creatives comprising of writers, videographers, digital marketing specialists and creative directors. Our prospecting is undertaken on the field. We generate leads through business networking platforms such as linkedin. We intend to build business models around other businesses as well. creating a website, its content and video is not the end of the game. We can create & deliver a car financing program in partnership with a car dealership , for instance - and by teaching people how to finance cars or their mortgages we can also sell such products as property, cars and high ticket sales products. We know how to use moderns tools like Customer Management Systems, Airbnb, Home valuation tools, Marketing collateral design tools , e.t.c - which are key to effective sales practices

Overall Objective:

  • 1.Rethink and craft content strategies that are in-line with today’s internet consumption..

  • 2.Partner with enterprises to create monetization business models and generate more specific leads through digital sales practices.

  • 3.Prospect to find institutional and business clients.

  • 4.Create and Deploy content for education institutions

Key Perfomance Indicators

  • 1. Annual Contract Value (AVC) - Number of deals closed due to our content

  • 2. Conversion Rates

  • 3. Lead generation

  • 4. Page views, visits and

  • engagement levels 5. Cost per Lead


Target Demographics

  • 1.Commodity Businesses (Car dealerships, real estate and Travel agencies)

  • 2. Learning institutions

  • 3. Media houses

  • 4. Event organizers

  • 5. Digital content creators

Value Proposition

  • Content creation & management made easy

  • Web Development and Design services

  • Online Identity branding

  • Simplify learning processes and make the learning process more interactive and engaging

  • Generating leads for business

How it Works

Prospect A -

Our team proposes a home schooling learning program for a learning institution A. The program intends to cater to children during the holidays and keep them updated. Our team sits down with a certified course instructor, our creative director customizes the key plans into a creative content strategy and builds learning materials that’s meant to last a certain period. Our team of writers craft learning material plus video content scripts. We ensure video coverage of the instructor and then our team schedules the content for a given period of time, over which assessment can be done at the end - A good example of this is Instructional lessons.

Proximal Proof of Concept

80% of people prefer learning about a company through custom content (Demand Metric). KR wants to capitalize on the consumption of content and how these content is valuable to both a business passing across its message & what value the audience is able to draw from these content. Our content is actionized, decision and data driven , and able to draw feedback. Our video coverage equipment are state-of-the-art, a defined marketing strategy is also in place for driving leads & inbound conversion.


Richard M Adrian

Founder & Content Strategist at KR

Tend.a @RichardMadrian

Contacts +254743333252

Hello Read.Cash~ians ; this is a concept note for a web and media startup - We have a big problem at home and that is finding angel investors or funders that are willing to support a small and growing business. Read through and if you deem it worth to help us get off the ground, I will really appreciate.

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