11 Top-Rated Blockchain Startup From Silicon Valley

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The recent emergence of blockchain technology has opened up immense opportunities for entrepreneurs. The result has been the ignition of a dozen industries.Think finance, decentralized applications(Dapps), supply chain and manufacturing. Behemoth organizations, starting with the likes of Facebook and IBM are beginning to adopt blockchain. The industry anticipates growing to over $60 Billion by the year 2024. Very much still in the incubation stages, the blockchain industry is yet to unleash more promises.

Furthermore, companies and market experts are harnessing blockchain technology to solve economic inefficiencies. It can be overwhelming to figure out the biggest impact of blockchain technology - and more importantly, how blockchain could impact your business? Strategizing a Blockchain startup could seem like a daunting task in itself. Yet the whole lot of ICOs brings in fresh thought for taking risks and kickstarting a blockchain idea. You also need to work out a unique approach to blockchain merges between your business and specific industries.

We wrote this list to spread blockchain awareness. Most of all, we wrote this list so that you could walk away feeling confident that someone else started something. Something formidable - and that something was a silicon valley level blockchain startup

Below are 11 Top Rated Blockchain Startups  From Silicon Valley

1.Oasis Lab

Oasis labs is ushering the revolution of privatized smart contracts. The project blends in a team of security researchers from MIT and University of California, Berkeley. 

The team launched an idea mid last year that uses secure hardware-software to overcome performance and privacy hurdles. Resulting in the formation of Oasis Labs. The company managed to raise $45 million in pre-sale of private tokens. Financing came from a group of top crypto investors in Silicon Valley. Apart from allowing user control of their own data, the startup will fix scalability issues and enhance performance. The idea behind Oasis labs was strategized by a UC Berkeley high- profile researcher, Dawn Song.


Passfolio is a blockchain technology startup built to expand the banked population. The startup aims to connect unbanked individuals to the world economy through smartphones. In doing so, therefore, Passfolio could facilitate instantaneous transactions and voluptuous global trading. 


Mobius is a payment system built on top of the stellar network to make commerce transactions easier, affordable and fast. The startup is focused on creating a reliable network for buyers and sellers to transact through cryptocurrency.

In addition, Merchants can easily leverage free cost universal API for any crypto with their customer base.  Therefore, a merchant can accept secure payment with ease. Mobius was founded by two Stanford University graduates,  Cyrus S. Khajvand and David S. Gobaud.  


Balance leverages crypto wallets with decentralized applications and Ethereum tokens. The balance interface was built in 2016.  The startup would also go on to create its first MacOS application in 2017 and rise to become one of the most envied blockchain startups in Silicon Valley. With time, the startup has been working effortlessly to improve support for all digital currencies. 

After the initial release of its prototype, Balance was able to attract one round of crowdfunding. Currently, the team is working round the clock to design an IOS web app wallet for decentralized applications integration and token storage. The team behind Balance consists of open source Github contributors and short-term paid Gitcoin contractors.

5. Instalocate 

Instalocate is your virtual assistant for creating personalized travel schedules. The story behind Instalocate is an interesting one. Mainly because it was built by a frustrated couple, whose flight to Delhi -during the festive season, was delayed by six hours.

The brilliant startup integrates blockchain with artificial intelligence to help dissatisfied travelers get compensation from airlines. The compensation could be demanded as a result of delays, cancellation or boarding denial. Within a few months after being launched, the startup had processed a staggering figure of almost $300, 000 worth of flight compensation.

The platform is also proud of its over 1.1 million user base who exchange conversations through its messaging platform.

6. Qokka 

Qokka is a popular hardcore machine learning platform. The startup integrates blockchain technology with natural language processing. In fact, Qokka is focused on creating the future of artificial intelligence. A universe of products and systems with the ability to understand emotional ties, attitudes, and opinions. The startup is investing in a number of products which I will highlight below;

  • Sudo Review Alpha - An application to enable blockchain users to understand thousands of reviews within seconds.

  • Sudo Review chrome extension - An e-commerce google chrome extension to help crypto users shop easily and effectively.

  • CryptoQokka -  A platform for decrypting crypto market movements and trends.

  • CryptoQokka Developer API - An API to help crypto investors and innovators to improve their services and products.


The goal of blockchain technology was to introduce a platform for decentralized interactions. The goal of Blockseer is to enhance the dream of decentralization. By the display of valuation, metrics, visualizations, and intelligence, Blockseer believes it is possible to democratize the blockchain ledger. Blockseer main concern is the lack of transparency in the Bitcoin Ledger. The startup has therefore set to provide clarity in Bitcoin and other crypto related payment transactions.


Wyre is a blockchain startup focused on creating a system of the fastest cost-efficient method of money transfer. The company is creating banking solutions and revolutionizing how finance works through blockchain technology. Wyre is now teamed up with fortune 500 to change the face of global payment.


Coinlist has built a system to help tier blockchain teams with investors. With $450 million as the amount of investment that Coinlist has amassed for over 50 blockchain startups.Coinlist shows huge potential to own the financial structure of future tech-savvy companies. Coinlist is therefore at the helm of building a trustworthy system for companies to transact tokens with investors.

10. Lightning Labs

Lightning labs is focused on building a scalable network with efficient transaction speeds. Instant confirmations for high volume transactions. In its whitepaper, the company says it is developing an open protocol that will integrate blockchain technology with smart contracts to realize private, cheap and speedy transactions.


Chronicled is aimed towards providing blockchain solutions to the supply chain industry. The startup is making use of the Internet Of Things to enhance its Blockchain and therefore enhance supply chain management.

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