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Small trading of BCH to recover my previous loss.

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3 months ago

Do you guys love BCH trading?

We all get some BCH from and . But, what do you do with that BCH?

Do you trade BCH for profit?

Or you just hold it for its market increasing favour?

Some of us maybe hold it or some of us holds for only one one month to see how much BCH they could gather and after the month ending they use it for fulfilling their personal needs.

And maybe some users also does small trades.

I actually collect them and exchange them into local money for my pocket money. And I also stopped taking pocket money from my parents by the help of these two interesting sites earning.

I have not got interests into tradings because there are always a fear of loosing. And I do not have such knowledge to stop loss and earn profit by trading. But I took a little risk for last 15 days by starting trading.

What happend in my last 15 days trading?

Actually I am not a skilled or professional trader but I traded several times with my bch. Actually I just did buy & sell in my exchanger and then I saw there I was drowning into great loss of my BCH. I think it would be more profitable for me to hold the BCH than trading. Because if you want to trade without signals and just by watching the curve it is really harder to think or guess that what will be in next 1 hour? Should I buy it or sell it now? Many questions comes in the head.

And also you have to be focused on the market all the time to see when the market is down and when to buy or sell.

So I had to face these problems in last 15 days. You cam say that 15 days trade did not make any profit to me it is same as before. All I can say I just tried to recover the loss and I have recovered the loss almost all except $ 0.60 . And I do not want lose again so I do not want to trade anymore.

Can you see these irritating curves that does not have any local algorythm of loss or profit. No one knows what is going to be in next 1 hours or 30 minutes. The marker can suddenly fall and suddenly up.

I am not in these trades anymore.

Which application I used for trading?

I used an exchanger named Kucoin. That does not need any kyc or other problems. It is easy to use and if you withdraw some funds from this exchanger for selling as TRX you would need 1 trx as fee. I think this is the lowest withdraw fee ever.

I used hotbit a few months ago but that is not good like kucoin. There if you loose phone you can not log in to your wallet if you do not have backup of the google verification.

I lost one of my account by this way. So I choosed the kucoin for exchanging funds like bch or usdt to trx and sell them to the local unauthorized buyers. Though I do not get high price from Trx but I am satisfied.

Yesterday trading for recovering the loss.

Though I bearly recovered my funds after doing a hardwork trade yesterday but there was no profit after all. I would suggest the newbies like me to not trading who does not want to take risk. It can take your smile for a few days😄.

I actually started the trading yesterdays previous night about 9:13 pm and buy in the bch market rate about $659.65 and the amount was 0.173 BCH . (Note that: there are some BCH amounts which my friend requested me to exchange for him. All assests are not mine)

And I sold that bch yesterday morning about 10:37 am. In a market price of $671 . It was little step profit for me to recover previous 14 days loss.

And again I buy some BCH when the market was little low around $668 in the noon 12:21 pm and I thought to take the chance if it gets higher.

This time it took long time to rise up. About 6 hours took to get high price . In the evening 6:19 pm I did another excahnge or sold the previous bought amount in $679.05 market price of BCH

Though the moment was running confusing and I was in fear of not to get in loss again. So I did these small trades with small recovering profit.

And I bought again watching the BCH price around $683.16 . This time the volume changed a little because of fees. By the way I bought to take the risk. It was about 12 minutes later than the previous sell. I could have hold it previously without selling it, if I had some knowledge or experiences about trade and make a profit. Whatever I had to bought in loss.

And after four hours of noticing the market price movement i saw it was gaining speed to uowards. And it hit at the $700+ .

I sold them to not take any risk because the BCH market does not stays in the $700+ for long time. I was able to think that from my previous experience. So i just sold them into the market price of $701.95 about 10:04 pm

And in this four hours my nephew also added some fund in my exchanger for exchanging. And I did a little trade by adding them it also helped me a little to recover the loss by the way.

And again in five minutes I checked the market of BTC that it crossed $707 so I again gave a buy order in the market of $707.67 in the 10:09 pm . And It took a long time to high.

After all I had to wait for a long time. I was not able to sleep soon because of this trading. As I was intended to recover the loss I was hoping to the market that goes over $723.67 so that my full amount can be recovered and I also get $0.15 trading fees extra.

But luck did not revored my full loss. I had to exchange in the market price of $720.16 at the night about 4:01 am. The whole day ruined my time because of trading.

At last I got recovered except the 0.50$ amount. Actually I was so angry to wait more. So I did exchanged it into USD.

I will never going to trade anymore like that.

I had to create 93 market order of buying in a wish that the market will rise higher. I opened 93 order in a day trade. It was boaring to look in the mobile screen whole day whole time till night 4 am.

By the way I am recovered at least that makes me happy. A big burden fell from my head at last.

Thanks for reading this article about my amature trading.

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Written by   26
3 months ago
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