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3 months ago

Hi dear friends.

This is my new community for all of you in who use too.

Not every users create contents in by there own. But there are some real content creators there. Because of of spammers all the accounts are involved in some minor problems as I knew from my experience and the rules of

This amazing site getting updated day by day and also going to be more updated. We all know that this is a great social platform.There are a huge numbers of social platforms in the internet but no other platforms can be compared with this one.

You can say is a love for me. Because it helps me to be my self. It helps me to show my skills like photography or writting or describing from a photo in English. Also some names of some things in English which I did not knew before or searched for knowing before.

There are a lot of users working from their heart and yes if they works hard honestly they became success in a few weeks. But some users always does the spammy things without hesitating. No there is nothing we can do to stop them from spamming. All time they will post something spammy or sometimes they comes to your comment section and comments something spammy.

There is somethings than can be done but not alone it will be possible.

I know they also post for getting some amount from these sites. They also works a little for getting high. Because you know it takes times to create or searching photos or copying and pasting. They gives their times in making short comments or making random likes without reading a content. They works but without honesty and without obeying the rules.

There are some good users with 1000+ or 2000+ or 3000+ subscribers who can help them by giving some informations about how to post or create content or how to think about creating conents with honesty. All human has got creativity in their self but all does not know about that but if they think deeply they can find out their hidden creativity.

The big users earns huge by working or showing their creativity. But if they gives a hand of help to the spammers so that they can be turned into good content creators.

That can be awesome for us humanity. All those spammers can be a good writer here . They just need some right direction. Well if you say why not I start doing this. I helped a lot people while working and also made some videos on youtube about how to creating account here or how to work.

But none of them got attention as I was not promoted by some big investors.

My youtube video about creating account in

I also made several videos about and but as no one got me there so I stopped making much videos.

My channel link:

I know that only fake users who tries to bypass everything can be promoted in youtube. Not all real creator gets the real attention. As people run over fake things. I also used to help peoples by messenger. I helped everyone who wanted helps from me in every way.

From the very beginning I tried to promote my self and also spend some small amount of bch to connect people in and by posting in my youtube channel or some other sites. But as I did not get attention or promotion from any big users like @MarcDeMesel Or other investors I was not able to move forward. So stopped in my heart. But the persons who are promoted by these big users, are they still on the path of promoting BCH ? No. They stopped after getting their profit.

But some users still promoting the BCH. As all people are not same. But we really can change the thinking of all workers beside the spammers. First of all some volunteer is needed to create from the big users. Who can give a chance to the spammers to be good creators. They can help them how to be good content creators. How easy it is to create content and also how to think new ideas to create content.

We all are human so mistakes can be happened. There are prisons in the world which is to help the prisoners to correct themselves.

But not all the human can be changed in overnight. We have to work hard for their correction. Only we can change their thinking style. We should give them chances to correct themselves. We can't take their opportunity without showing the right way to them. At least we should give the right direction to them.

By the way, it is normal to not agree with my thinking all of you. But if you agree lets help them to change by small steps.

Lets talk in the title topic:

I posted on community in and found that they did not approved my post but some one from moderator game me a heart react.

And it was visible in my profile like that new features

It is new to me. I have never noticed that thing before that, if any new post to new channels is not approved can be seen from my post option or from profile in . Also the post can be edited or deleted or also the submission on that channel can be cancelled.

If it is known to you thats okay. But if it was unknown then welcome.

Thanks for giving your time.

Forgive me sir @MarcDeMesel that I took your name. As I know you are the great investor so I took the name as example. Sorry from my heart. And you will be glad to know that there is a love in my heart for you since more than 1 year I worked in here previously with another account.

Love for all

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Written by   26
3 months ago
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I didn't see your name on noise, maybe I didn't notice but I'm grateful that you came back here at, there's also lots of changes here and this website composed of dedicated content creators. Hopefully you enjoy here and don't stop to spread awareness about BCH.❤❤

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3 months ago

Now I use this account in Yeah changed a lot since I left last time. Thanks a lot.

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3 months ago