Baking Cake at home

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2 years ago
September 12, Sunday , 2021.

Have you ever Baked A Cake at home?

When I was in high school, I have heared many friends that they know how to bake cakes. Even they make amzing colorful cakes at home and bring them to the class for serving among us friends. One of my friends name was Alif and he used to make cakes at home almost once or twice in a week. And he also used to invite me into his home. Sometimes he used to bring in the class time for sharing the taste with friends. He used to add flavours like chocolate or vanilla flavour and some other taste maker expensive things into these homemade cakes.

Then I had some thoughts in my heart of making cakes too. But I was in fear if mother does not allow me to bake cakes at home. And I have not tried then cooking yet. So I was not able to bake a cake then. But I always had a desire to make cakes someday. I know some of my friends and also most of you guys know how to bake cakes at home.

From where I have learned baking cakes?

Well, I have watched a lot of youtube videos for making cakes at home and also read some recipes over internet but never these made me to bake cake at home. But a few months ago I went to my aunt's house & she baked a Cake at home and it was really awesome cake. From that made me interested into making cakes at home. Though I did not made sooner after this time. But I had to visit again the same aunt's gouse and I asked her to make a cake infront of me so that I can learn it fulfill . And she agreed to make that one.

Then I have learned that it was really easy. But I was in a tension If I could not manage the ingrediants which are the major parts of baking cakes. Then eventually I had managed all the necessary things and did a trial.

Tgough it was my First attempt, so it was not a beautiful one. But the taste was really awesome.

NOW I am sharing the recipe with you guys.

!!! This is Normal Cake recipe (you can add flavours if you want)


  • One cup of All-Purpose Flour

  • One cup of White Sugar Powder

  • One cup of Milk Powder

  • One Teaspoon Baking Powder

  • Two Eggs

Thats all used to make normal cakes. If you want to add some kind of flavour into it you can. Now I am sharing the process step by step.

How to Bake Homemade Normal Cakes?

  • Step : 1

Mixing Sugar with Beaten Eggs

You have to take a bowl and put two beaten eggs into the bowl . Then add the sugar into the bowl. And start mixing with a manual whisker. Well I have not whisker in my house so I tried to mix with a big spoon. It took a lot of time to mixing the eggs and sugar.

  • Step : 2

Mix Flour into the bowl of Beaten Eggs

You have to add one cup of All-Purpose flour into the bowl of Beaten Eggs. And mix it well with the egg mixture. You have to mix it with care so that the flour gets mixed properly.

Mixture of eggs, flours and sugar, milk

  • Step : 3

Mix Baking powder and Milk into the Mixture

Now you have to put one cup of powder Milk in the bowl and mix it with the mixture of flour, eggs and sugar. Then you have to mix them properly untill they gets a soft situation.

Baking Powder can

Then you have to add Baking Powder in to mixture. And again mix it so that the powder gets mixed with the mixture.

You can add some liquid milk if needed to add.

  • Step : 4

Put it on the stove and cook it well

First of all you have to take a beaking tin and sprinkle some floue into the tin. And you can also splash some oil around the tin and use a paper to make a cover of a cake so that the cake does not attach with the beaking tin. I have used the oil splash in the whole side of the beaking tin.

Then you have to pour the beaking tin with the mixture and put it on a stand on a pressure cooker so that the heat does not comes directly into the baking tin and be sure that the tin is not touched in the cooker durectly. That can burn the cake totally. So be careful about this stage. Now cover the beaking tin properly with a glass cover or steel cover

You have to increase the stove flame for first 3-5 minutes and after that you have to put the fire into low flame for next 55 to 60 minutes.

  • Step : 5

Check with a knife or backside of a large spoon if it is cooked well

You have to check in the 45 minutes of baking by inserting a knife or backside of a spoon so that you can know about the cakes baked well or not.

If the knife or the spoon comes out clean then the cake is baked well and ready for removing the heat. If tge knife is not clean you have to cook for a few minutes more with care. But do not increase the flame.

  • Step : 6

Serve the cake to your family😄

My first Homemade Cake

Lets stop the stoves flame and wait untill it gets cool. Then simply remove the papers from the side of the cake . Cut it into pieces you like to. And serve it to your family.

As it was my first attempt the lower or back part of the cake was burned slightly. But the cake has really amzing taste to eat.

I am willing to make cake next time with more care so that no parts can be burn at all.

Thanks for reading the whole article of Baking cakes at home. Hope you guys makes your cakes at home too.

I don't know why you are ignoring me @TheRandomRewarder . It feels great when I can see your notifications on . Without your little help it is hard to write. I was little busy with my admission so I was not able to be active for two days. But I am active now. Your help motivates me to write new things and share new things. Hope you stop ignoring me soon.

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2 years ago


My family is vegetarian from generations and hence, we never cook anything with egg in it :) but the cake that you made looks so good :)

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2 years ago

Thank you so much. I also love vegetables .and there is a small vegetable garden in our house too.

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2 years ago

Well, I'm a boy and my interaction with the kitchen is very rare. Honestly, I don't know how to make even bread. Yeah I can make egg lol

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2 years ago

I can not make egg or never tried . Because my aunt does not allow to me . But she allowed to bake the cake 🥰

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2 years ago

Oh, you live with ant?? Why not in your house?

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2 years ago

Its our house. My mom dad lives in the city for work and my grandma and aunt together in home . I basically look over my house and study and they makes food for me.

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2 years ago

Oh i got it. Good. What about your education?

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2 years ago

Taking preparation for admission exam in university.

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2 years ago

I want to eat what you see, I also made a cake at home a few days ago, but you seem more beautiful.

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2 years ago

Thanks a lot. I would try to make more beautiful next time .

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2 years ago