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panKuKu tax, slippage and mobile wallet, anti dump technology!

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3 months ago

In my first article about kuku token, I have shared what kuku token is and how it comes in the crypto industry . And today I am going to share how you can buy a kuku token , where it is listed and how much slippage you need to set up for. Let's talk about it.

Where can you buy a kuku token?

Currently the KuKu token is listed on 6 CEX and on 2 DEX. These 6 CEX are Coinsbit, Latoken, Tokpie, Coinstore, Latoken, Dex-trade also on Pancakeswap and Biswap dex . From this cex, you have some slippage issues on the Latoken exchange. I have seen that if you want to sell a lot of kuku tokens on a latoken exchange you need to face some slippage issues . But on others' exchanges there is no issue like this. I think the Latoken team set up the slippage issue just because the team wanted to protect kuku from sudden dump .

How does the tax issue work for kuku tokens?

Right now we put 5% tax on every kuku transaction and from this 5% tax, one percent tax goes burn ecosystem , 1% goes to holder of kuku token, 1% goes to kuku liquidity provider , 1% goes to the marketing team and one percent goes to team dev wallet . This is how pankuku put the tax system on its token . 

Kuku mobile wallet :

According to kuku dev, they are developing their kuku mobile wallet and they will support all the chains . Right now we are seeing that there are many mobile wallets and they just support the view network so usually investors face issues when using those wallets . But the pankuku team is going to remove this issue and they will add all the networks and you guys can easily store your token on kuku mobile wallet .

Anti whales system of pankuku:

Pankuku team bring out a great rule and agreement for kuku investor from sudden dump. We have seen there are lot of token and coin available in crypto market and they just pump 20x and more within a day but next day, they lose their 90% ROI. But why this happen ? This happen because they can not control their whale investor and these investor can sell their token whenever they want .

But kuku team bring change on this situation . The share the anti dump technology where whale investors for kuku can’t sell their token at a time but there will be lock up period . I means they can’t get all the token within a time but they will get the token after a certain period . 

And this makes Kuku token more unique .

Feel free to seach about kuku, if you want to know more about it.

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Written by   105
3 months ago
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