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3 months ago

Suppose, I am not on this earth again or in your life. Everywhere is cloud or Emptiness of the novel. Everything is clean and normal. For daily life business, you are also busy with your life.  But  will you remember me suddenly,  when there will be cloudy evenings or midnight darkness or the early morning reflect morning sun shine? Or will I be lost like other leaves lost in this earth dust  and never get  remembered by their beloved person? 

Leaves have no life, they are dependent on us but if we want we can give them a new life, they can come out on a good page with a good heading. But we are Violent according to our human character and sometimes we are good while sometime we are bad. 

But one thing you need to remember is that , leaves are too stubborn and whatever they want, they can do this . There will be a day when you will go near them to reach them but you will never be able to get their touch. 

Will you not remember me or try to remember me?

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