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Crypto Cowboys NFT project

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Hello everyone, how is everything going on? Most of us know that we like NFT project and NFT project is now trended by all the crypto investor. And this lead the NFT platform boomed recently and you will feel amazing that all the whale now owning NFt for long term decision . This is why they are collecting NFT from Different Chain. Let's talk about one project today.


Crypto Cowboy NFTs is and upgraded Ashib token. Through a digital form The main aim of this project is making sure that everyone marks ownership and also carried along through the process in an easy form where the entire ecosystem will manage the project and to understand and get familiar with the value of artwork NFTs can be used to represent real-world items like artwork for the ownership.

Crypto Cowboys A Members Only Club

The foundational idea of NFTs is a token that marks ownership. The majority of all current NFTs represent ownership of an image, and while we believe in the value of artwork, the goal of Crypto Cowboys is to represent more than the owner of an image.

Crypto Cowboys owners are members of the Crypto Cowboy’s Club with access eventually to private chats, and a private ranch in the Metaverse (probably Pavia’s). Crypto Cowboy’s NFTs are more than images, they represent your membership in the Crypto Cowboy’s Club.

What NFTs

A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger. Types of NFT data units may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Because each token is uniquely identifiable, NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies, In this project there are two major sectors That’s the Crypto Cowboy owner Crypto cowboys NFTs Crypto cowboy owner are all members that participated during the project it gives them access to private chat and private ranch to the metaverse Crypto cowboys NFTs these are just not about images but a representative of the crypto cowboys clubs it’s shows your true identity of you being part of the club.

Mint Your Crypto Cowboys NFT

  • Cost : 100 ADA OR 2,750,000 ASHIB

  • Available : 904/1000

  • Policy ID : 754fc890d2371989c7649a6af4bc57e42fec84a2fb3809fe05910d19

  • Click the mint now button to mint your random Crypto Cowboys NFT! You will be shown an address, and asked to send exactly 100 ADA or 2,750,000 ASHIB to that address.


  • Current Initial Brand and CNFT Creation : We are currently working on our roadmap, finalizing the design on our CNFTs, and prepping for launch! We will be done with this phase soon at which point we will do a small presale with one of our partners!

  • CNFT Sale : We are holding our CNFT sale on February 1st! You can mint a random CryptoCowboys nft for 100 ada, or the equivalent value in ASHIB (an exact number will be given at the time of minting).

  • Private Chat and Metaverse Expansion : After our public CNFT sale, we will set up a private chat available only to Crypto Cowboy’s Club members. The goal is to create a community to freely discuss crypto, other upcoming CNFT projects, and the future of Crypto Cowboys. As Pavia and the Cardano ecosystem expands, we will grow with it ideally setting up a private virtual ranch, but this is contingent on the capabilities projects like Pavia bring to the chain.

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Written by   105
6 months ago
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